Question for "outlaw" states Cannabis consumers...

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    back home, there was always seelction, even if it was one kind. We grew up on mexican, central and south amercians. If u had 10 dealers, each with mexican schwagg, each dude would have a differnt type or grade of mexican, so there was variety.. SSSC stock hit like around 89 and 1990.. NL#5 hit in the 90's, it was the gold standard. Indoor was called hydro, and even if there wasnt a named strain, one dude's "dro" was always differnt from another dude's "dro". Midwest kindbud was in there too, later it was called corn, and still each dude's stash was differnt. Dutch strians were still the topshelf then and until the turn of the century. I moved and years later when i return, i saw the selection had turned into all chemdawg bullshit. Og kush, cookies, diesels everywhere. More choices in the cities than rural areas, but no matter how many choices, youre still limited to chemdawg lineage nowadays. Pens and edibles are everywhere. they are legit in packages and labeled. Once in a blue moon, u see a homemade pen..
    That being said, the best ganja is always the ganja that you grow yurself. Homegrown will always be better than any street weed or dispensary garbage.

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    Man I spent 4 years of college in Charleston and the women are beyond beautiful down there. Born and raised about two hours from there. Honestly I’d say the last 3 years I’ve been able to find almost anything I’ve wanted here in SC. Cartridges were all the rage last year and now I could regularly get zips for 180-200 of some top shelf stuff. Just a year or two ago zips were 250-300 still. When I first started growing zips were 300 with 20$ grams and you never knew what you got.
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    I live in Ga there is plenty variety here..Flowers/Vape/Wax/Edibles....As long as you are willing to spend you can get whatever you want. We are a legal CBD Oil State with no one producing Oil..It's available if you look....I usually buy 2 types of Weed when i buy monthly High End/Not so high end (when you're running out,hehe).....Looking to move to a Medical/Legal state where i'm able to grow...Have done it here before...Now being over 60 isn't worth the madness trying to do a stealth grow...Looking at New Mexico ,Oregon,Washington & Nevada...
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    C'mon up to the border area of Washington and Oregon! PDX/Vanouver area!
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    I will look it up and if's it affordable ..It can be doable......Thank you...

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    I would disagree, I have tried same genetics in 3 different parts of globe, colorado is ok, but NOTHING beats that cali weed. And no im not californian, although caliexit and my passport reason to enter at customs would be hilarious

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