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    So I've got pineapple flash going and I'm just wondering if anyone here has grown it before and if this is normal, my buds have been growing in "clusters of shoots" I wanna say, and not like whole dense nugs, is this something I did wrong or is this just normal for the strain? 20171103_161852.jpg 20171103_173230.jpg

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    whats your light you have got

    using a red hps or led in about 2700 kelvin

    induces the correct growth

    simulates fall
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    In that room it's just 2× 8 bulb t5's (supposed to be just under 1000 watts combined) in a 4×4 tent with 6 plants but this (tangerine dream) is also in the same room and it looks just fine, although for some reason 2 of these are taking more time than the other one, notice the difference in the amount of white hairs in the second picture compared to the first

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    I done a lot with T5 and T8 back in the day

    yeah you got the grunt,

    at least for the top 6 inches

    if you have the tubes down to within a inch of the top most bud

    but for the color do ensure you have your warm white tubes at at about 70%

    and the cool white tubes 30%

    warm whites at 2700 kelvin and cool whites at 6500 kelvin

    the right color light is vital

    I hate to say but its worth stripping all lower growth off

    it improves venting and makes great clones

    as the light don't reach that far

    in all honesty its worth an upgrade keeping the T5 array for veg

    search out popcorn buds and low light conditions

    good luck
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    Turns out that's just how this jack flash grows, found it at a few local med shops and it looks identical, granted they could have used t5's that were too far away also but I doubt it. Thanks for the help and information tho

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