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    I am definitely gonna be trying that out, I could only assume you are correct with all that thick crystallzation she pushes out!

    The "JB Cut " is the Joe Brand cut... Now who "Joe" is and how this all come about? I have no clue, but soon to be investigating it... I do know the JB cut is supposed to be pretty dieselish in its ancestry... Sure smells it. Very very sour!
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    At a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek Amphitheatre, 'joebrand' (aka 'wonkanobe') and 'pbud' met 'chemdog' and sold him an ounce of very high quality pot for $500. joe and chemdog exchanged numbers and they later arranged for two ounces to be shipped to chemdog on the east coast. According to chemdog, one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 seeds.

    In ’91, chemdog popped the first 4 seeds. From these seeds, one male was found and disposed of (chemdog was young, you can’t blame him). The 3 females were labeled ‘chemdawg’ (now ’91 chemdawg), ‘chemdawg a’ (now chemdawg’s sister), and ‘chemdawg b’. In '01, chemdog and his girlfriend attempted to germ 3 more seeds, labeled ‘c’, ‘d’, and ‘e’. the ‘e’ seed never germinated, ‘c’ turned out to be junk (according to chemdog), and chemdawg ‘d’ was the keeper. In '06, 'chemdog' and 'joebrand' reunited and joe was given 4 of the last 6 beans: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, '4' being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the '4' was the best representation of the original and thus dubbed it the 'reunion pheno'. Chemdog still has two seeds left in his stash.

    check the chemdawg 101 thread over at icmag. the 'joe brand' cut, 'reunion' cut and chem#4 are all the same.

    chem 91, chem d, chem's sis and chem#4 were the keeper phenos.

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    I knew this story like the back of my hand and how I never caught how Joe Brand and Wonkanobe were the same person i don't know lol.

    What I can tell you is that the guy that originally started passing this specific cut out on IC called it the "Clean D cut"... I am only calling it the JB because skunk VA told me it was the JB. But lots of people claim it's a clean chem d cut with no virus..

    Whatever it is, it's top notch and I would choose it over tons of cuts I've grown out.
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    It definitely doesn't smell like the #4 at all... it' totally 100% sour rotten chemical fuel... the 4 is more lemony and citrus leaning...

    There is so much confusion in the Chem line, who knows of we will ever know the truth. I would love to find out the original lineage of chemdog what I can say for sure is I am almost 100% positive it has Afghani in It, I have grown out tons of Afghan landraces and have found some very reminiscent odors and structure to the chems.

    "The strain has also given birth to highly sought after strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel is typically regarded as a cross between Chemdawg with Northern Lights and Massachusetts Super Skunk however, others including Chemdog himself claim that Chemdawg and Sour Diesel are simply the exact same strain."


    "It is rumored that Chemdawg was created from a cross of Kush, Hash Plant and Northern Lights, however the exact origins of the strain are shrouded in obscurity and controversy. The birth of Chemdawg begins with a grower named Joe Brand, also known as Wonkanobe, and his friend Pbud from Colorado. They went on tour with the Grateful Dead with a pound of pot that they called Dog Bud because “it was so strong that it made you roll over like a dog” after smoking it according to Pbud. Dog Bud is rumored to have been grown from a three-way cross of Thai, Hashplant and Skunk by smuggler and breeder Frank Gegax in a huge underground pot bunker which was busted in 1990. They also jokingly called it Chemweed due to its fuel/chemical like smell.

    One of Wonkanobe and Pbud’s customers from a show fell in love with the Chemweed and instantly returned for more of it. He became friends with Wonkanobe and Pbud and eventually combined the names “Dog Bud” and Chemweed” into “Chemdawg” which also wound up becoming the nickname of their new friend Chemdog, the grower as opposed to the strain. The growers stayed in touch after the Grateful Dead tour ended and Wonkanobe and Pbud sent Chemdog two more ounces of the original “Dog Bud”. One of these ounces contained thirteen seeds responsible for starting the Chemdawg dynasty. Chemdog sprouted the first four seeds in 1991. One of the seeds turned out to be a male which he could have used to grow more amazing cannabis cup winning ganja and which he still regrets having thrown out. He named the other three plants Chemdawg ‘91, Chemdawg a and Chemdawg b. Chemdog and his girlfriend germinated one of the original thirteen seeds in 2001. Chemdog reunited with Wonkanobe and gave him back four of the six remaining seeds, the fourth of which turned out closest to the original “Dog Bud” strain and was dubbed the reunion pheno. All of the Chemdawg weed in the world originally came from one of those five original plants and Chemdog still has the last two seeds un-sprouted in his stash..."

    I quoted that from a pretty accurate article I had bookmarked. It' the only article i ever read where Frank Gegax comes into play with the chemdog story. Google his name and read about his bust, it was insane! Ginormous underground bunkers and shit, this guy is my hero haha...

    What a fellar needs to do is get in touch with this guy and find out the truth... he was supposedly a breeder as well, so hes gonna know.

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    Well folks... My day has straight up been MADE! Actually, this made my 2018 right here... Believe me, there are still good people out there in this old broken World, you just gotta meet them.

    Sannie still has not come thru for me on the Sugar Punch... However an anonymous friend whom name I shall not mention, definitely shined through when he sent me these in the mail today! :bigjoint:......

    The moment has arrived, FINALLY after a good almost two year wait!

    20180416_174647.jpg 20180416_174736.jpg 20180416_174745.jpg

    This guy will definitely get my respect and good karma shall heed his direction ;)... I believe he said the seeds were a few years old. I have all of them already soaking in distilled water... I was saving what room I had for the Karma G testers but looks like I'm gonna have to just get crowded for a while and manage.....hehehe

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    I will say this.... I have grown tons of Sugar Punch back in the day. Not really multiple packs or seeds, but I have grown the hell out of a couple select phenos I kept. I found one that finished in 45 days exactly and was perfect for indoor. The other was my outdoor staple strain and went around 70 days. I didn't have to go through many at all to find those phenos either. The 45 day pheno is extremely rare though, not sure I'll find her again.

    What I am getting at, is once I find a few keepers you can bet your ass that Sugar Punch will be known in America for every perfect thing that she is... Hazey grape skunked berry funk, that has the potency that some men fear.... I'm not exaggerating niether... She is one of those strains, with her frosty beautiful purple spotted hues that you will look at and smell and think that you can indulge an entire joint of her... you will make it halfway through and you'll find that yo7 have to wipe the sweat from your forehead and and close your eyes for a moment and tell yourself that you did indeed smoke your own home grown Sugar Punch and she was NOT laced with PCP haha...

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    Hey, it's been a while since I dropped in brother's I hope all is well for everyone .
    I have been super busy lately , hit me up brother , peace, talk to you soon
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