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    Hey all,

    First off, thank you for the help as this is only my second run. I appreciate all the help so far on this forum. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys think of the trim job and topping I did on these little ladies. Also, wondering if I should trim more or wait for more growth. The smallest one is a Jack Herrer that I started from seed and all the others are clones from Midnight Farms. The big girl and also the tall girl with very little leaves are Banana Punch (Banana OG X GDP), the others are Oil Spill (XXX OG X Royal Kush), Ghost OG X Mendo Breath, and a true Girl Scout Cookie cut. Also, why is one banana punch going insane while the other is stretching without forming a bush like shape? Any ideas?

    1st pic is banana punch
    2nd pic is banana punch i am worried about
    3rd pic is Oil Spill
    4th pic is Girl Scout Cookies
    5th Pic is Ghost OG X Mendo Breath
    6th pic is All of them and Little Jack Herrer

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    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    What is your light source? Are you still vegging?
    I would not have trimmed those stretchy girls. :peace:
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    Jackriddle21 Active Member

    I am running 600 watt MH right now and still in Veg. Probably going to let them go another 2 weeks before I switch the light to HPS and switch to 12/12. Last run, I had to fucking weed wack the shit out of the girls the first two weeks of flower so I was trying to get rid of the lower branches on that one banana punch. It looks totally gay though so I thought I fucked it up

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