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    One of the most frequent questions I see on the forums from growers: Is my grow ready for harvest, How much longer to harvest or, What signs do I look for to harvest? This tells me there are many thousands of growers that need just a little help while there are some that need a bunch.

    When to Harvest is one of many very important questions because after months of tending plants, and then harvesting too early or too late, can lead to some very disappointing results. Actually, there are so many problems that can occur anywhere during the growing cycle but harvest is important because we worked hard to get there and want things to go perfectly so our efforts were not in vain and we can enjoy the rewards from the work we put into the project.

    For you experienced and professional growers, my idea then is to advertise your expertise as a Cannabis Consultant and charge maybe $10 or $15 for phone consultations, $25 or $50 to do a house call, and all you have to do is provide the novice with the advice they need. Or, for $100 a month, they can call you anytime with questions during their grow, but house calls still cost extra. This should work well where cannabis has been legalized and people can cultivate legally.

    This idea may not work as well in non-legal states since it is possible the police are putting out ads and busting grows. In this situation, communicating by email or phone with your clients would be viable. An internet business could be very lucrative.

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    this ones on me for all to enjoy !!


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    You sound like a real piece of "work" buddy.

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    I'll give advice for free. And it might not be worth it lol.

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    I know people around My state charging $300-350/hour for consulting when they come to the grow to help out.. guess it depends on the individuals knowledge/experience though. If you're gonna charge, gotta charge what you're worth.
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    There are plenty of such 'consulting' websites around. Just Google it.
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    ... Or they could just go on the Internet

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