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Hello all just wanted to know if you think this is a Nitrogen (N) deficiency... and how do you think my little plants are doing, thinking of going 12/12 just cuz the other 2 (re veg) are getting big now....

This is the 1 i think some of them have a type of defeciency, but not sure what one it is.....
pots 1.jpg

and here is re veg number 1

big plant 1.jpg

And reveg number 2...
big plant 2.jpg

my 1st grow i got about 1.5 oz from them 2 now i think ill get more this time round, as was/still am a bit of a noob with this, tho the 5 new grows i have topped, trying it out see if it makes a big differance to yield....

how much do you think i will get per thoses big plants, they are White Widow btw...

cheers all... keep high..



cheers mate, i think thats helped a bit... where do i get single nuits from?? or do i just give them a higher dose when im watering down my nuits?? like rarther than 1/4 i do like 1/2??


ah 1 more think, should i go 12/12 now, as those big ones are like.... 24 inches and i have around 54 inches to play with..... an if they are gonna grow 2x as big, i need the room... also the tiny ones, will there be any use in putting them on flower as i guess i wont get a lot from them.......

i dont have the room to have a 12/12 and a 18/6, its either one or the other...


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When you go 12/12 ive seen plants stretch to 3 times their hieght but it depends sativa indica or both but general rule for indica will doubl sative will tripple and a mix it depends on the stronger trait it has but usually abot 2 1/2 times growth for flower


im not sure.... 1 of plants looks like its a male one, but its has all the fem signs with the white pestils coming out... they look like buds that have not opened and released the pestil, but im not 100% any ideas, here is a pic i have circled the "bits" i think are male in RED and have circled the fem bits in BLUE... cheers for having a look... tho taking the pic took me about 30 mins cuz the focus was playing up...

male or not.jpg

Tho is the only part of the plan that looks like that it has not sprouted yet with the white bits... tho on further looking it looks like on the in the middle the white pestil is coming out of it..

also she / he / shim is the smallest of all my plants so i think i could get rid of "it" and still have 8 left, but i love all my plants as much as each other lol...

Jonny K

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I think she hermied on you. I did a reveg with three females and they all hermied. Looked like yours. I abused the hell out of them though. They were my learning curve.:)


ye Jonny K, the ones i re vegged are still going strong that one was from one of the ones from seed, tho im not sure if i was a seed from my last growth or a fresh one....

i didnt want to kill the plant so asked my misses if she would do it, she said no you have gotta do it yourself... so i got a pair of scissors and started cutting..

i still have 6 left and they should be ready to harvest around mid-end febuary, so i cant wait only about a month left (and started flowering them around nov last year, so 16 weeks is around right) but ill be checking them when it gets closer to the time with the 100x zoom magnifier and looking at the cloudy/amber tricones


Hello all here is an update of my progress... tho most of the leaves are turning yellow now, i know it should happen, but do you think its too much???? here are some pics

over view.JPG

and now here is a pic of the worst leaf what i have found, i know there is a def, but not 100% sure on what it is...
bad leaf.JPG

and here are 2 different buds from 2 different mothers, now 1 of them seems to be a lot more potent than the other (by that i mean, more hairs/tricones) tho none of the tricones are amber yet, just checked with my 100x zoom Magnifying glass,

i would like to any reasons why one bud on a different plant looks a lot better than some others... is it water intake.... genetics..... etc.... but here they are...

best bud.JPG <-- this one looks more fluffy and sweeter. no hairs.JPG<-- this one looks a bit crapy and the pestils are up in the air and not curling.

i am thinking that they will be ready to harvest around start/mid feb (that would make it 16 weeks in flower)....

cheers all, ty for any input... peace out!


also 1 more thing................................. my buds dont look or seem to grow very big, they are like puny.... any ideas on how to get bigger buds??

how much bud do you think is there, im wanting to get around, 10oz that will sort me and my brothers out for a while.

all guesses welcome, and ill post weight in about a month when i harvest it...