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    Hello hello, I write here to see if you can help me, I have three experiments on cloning in bubble but without much success, approximately 30%. Today is 15 days
    My conditions are:
    first 24 hourse the cloner operated with bleach without plants
    air pump 24/7
    RO water
    room temperature 69-72 ° F
    water temperature 69-70 ° F
    PH 5.6-6.2
    Hormex Liquid Concentrate 1.5ml / gallon
    a little GH micro flora
    Hydroguard 2ml / gal per week.

    Until day 12 everything was fine but from day 13 to 15 I had this kind of "infection" that I do not know if it is root rot, cyanobacteria, If someone can give me some advice or help I'm pretty frustrated because I have several experiments.
    I was thinking about using pool shock every three days. Help me pls: c Attached photos
    PS: these plants are Ligustrum

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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i know you can use chlorine, but i don't like it. i've always used hydrogen peroxide and like it a lot. i get the 29% stuff, and use 3 ml per gallon initially, then 2 ml per gallon every three days after that.
    chlorine kills stuff, but thats all it does, h2o2 also dissolves dead root tissue, and oxygenates the root zone as it oxidizes.
    if all you can get is the 3% stuff from the drug store, i'd go 20 ml per gallon initially, then 10 per gallon every three days

    mattwess New Member

    thank you very much for answering, I will go to buy small boxes to try different experiments, and in one of them I will do what you are indicating in the corresponding doses
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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    I think you've got way too much going on here, and a lot of things you simply don't have to do.

    You don't have to sterilize like this, but you can. Between cloning, just clean out the container with liquid soap, then spray with bleach water, and let dry.

    You do not need to use RO water. Just plain ol' unbalanced tap water. Seriously, that's all you need to use. Every few days, swap out your cloner water with fresh tap water, to keep things fresh. This is important, so don't forget!

    Too cold. You want your clones around 80 degrees and humid (above 50%)

    This is fine, but not all that important during cloning

    Don't waste your pH down. You do not need to balance your water when cloning. Plants need balanced pH levels to be able to take in nutrients. Clones don't use nutrients to root, they use the stored energy in the leaves. That's why the leaves are supposed to yellow as part of cloning (so don't freak when you see this)!

    Don't waste your money. If you're adding root hormones (which you really don't even need), then this is overkill, and can actually burn your plants if you're not careful!

    Again, not needed during cloning. Just use unbalanced tap water and change it for fresh tap every few days. That's all you need. Well that, and patience :-)

    Cloning is easy, and throwing a bunch of unneeded chemicals at them won't help. It's just a waste of money!

    Oh, and this...

    Don't do this! Just change your water every few days.

    When you take your cuttings and make your 45 degree cut, use the blade to gently scrape some of the stalk near the cut. Shaving it a little will expose more flesh, giving your clones more space to start growing roots.

    Hope that helps!
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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Can you post pics of the actual clone you're trying to root?

    mattwess New Member

    Hello! Thank you very much for your advice.
    The temperature of my room I maintain with extractors and intractors, with this I always maintain the water temperature at 69-72 ° F.

    Bought three small boxes where I started another experiment two days ago, I will try a fourth box just adding the hormone as you mention.

    The cuttings in my first post have already 21 days , I had the idea of changing the water and 6 days ago i took 8 cuttings from the first experiment to a second small box, to my surprise some already have roots while the rest that are in the same water 21 days ago are infected and few have root signs.

    Photo that I attached, one is a cutting that is in its initial prototype (without water change) and the other is one of the 8 cuttings that changed to a box with new water 6 days ago.
    (both cuttings have 21 days)

    What day should I change the water according to your experience?
    (every 5 idk ?)
    These species are ligustrum so they take longer to clone vs cannabis

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