Potassium Sulfate As Bloom Booster?

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    Antisocial Extrovert

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    I have some left over potassium sulfate (0-0-50) used for Dr. Who’s Terpinator formula. No more than 100g or so. To my understanding, P is primarily used during beginning to mid flowering for increasing bud sites and K is the element that causes increased weight (correct me if I’m wrong please). I’m wanting to make a bloom booster with the left over potassium sulfate since all the other late boosters seem to contain more P than K. I’m not a chemist, nor do I pretend to be lol. Anyone have any tips on how much to mix in a gallon of water and application rates? I’m growing in soil FYI.

    PS: If you’re not a chemist either but have had good results using a particular K heavy booster, feel free to post it here along with pics if you got them.
    Dr. Who

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    The terp formula your using is doing the K boosting for you!

    I've settled in on a formula I like for everyday bloom use out to the last 3 weeks or so...

    227 grams of the K sulfate to 1.5 tsp of DB sugar.....This is a 6% solution of the K2SO4.

    I use it at 10ml per feeding, every feeding.....Stop at 3 weeks to go, as K will reduce THC concentrations late.

    This covers your early bloom needs and acts as you "booster". I do not increase P levels over my delivered ratio. Some very minor increase late for slow finishing strains can help that. BUT, like I said minor increase and maybe a tic of Ca too....

    If you "feel" you "need" to increase P.....Simply water once at 4 weeks with a nice home made AACT bio tea. The increased bio activity will raise P availability enough to work for that just fine...(think of it as doing your own addition of "Mammoth P" without spending the stupid high price for it!).

    Hows that? :hug:
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    Antisocial Extrovert

    Antisocial Extrovert Active Member

    That’s exactly what I needed! That terp formula has done wonders, she’s really frosty. Thanks again Doc.
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    Dr. Who

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    Just to be sure anyone reading this understands...

    That formula above is to 1 gallon of pure water Ro or Distilled will work fine.

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