Post card wait time, what is working for you?

Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by Marchellammck, Apr 13, 2018.


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    Hello! Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping to hear what is giving the most relief? Would love to hear about editable with high cbd and ptsd relief for sleep and anti anexiety. Hope to see some that were in my waiting class!

    GGB Member

    Hi waiting buddy! AC/DC is a flower but it is amazing. Doesn't really give you a high because of low THC/ high CBD, but gives you an amazing sense of well being, pain relief and full mind and body relaxation while still being able to function. You feel super chill, happy and floaty. I didn't think this would do much but it is awesome!!!!
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    That’s great!

    Doggiekittykisses Member

    White Harmony is very good. Calm, peaceful feeling without that crazy head high. I also really like the Clementine extraction.

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