Political memes ONLY.. To prove your political points.


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Perhaps unfairly.

While he was responsible for a corrupt administration, he himself was not corrupt and was penniless after retirement. His only means to support his family was a book deal which he laboured to complete as he suffered from throat cancer. Hours after finishing his memoirs, he died.

Grant’s memoirs are considered to be one of the most honest reflections ever written by a political leader.
i'd like to read it, is there a special title? there's probably a million books on him out there.


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EPA Admits to Altering Science Under Trump, Pledges New Course
Senior management demanded modifications to scientific conclusions that "did not make sense," career employees said.
Im so relieved that the Fed stayed independent after Trump yanked Yellen for being 'short' which was likely just him setting up a misdirection troll.


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Good job Santa Fe.

A minor nitpick on Forth Worth and Hartford, I wish they'd use "Republic" instead of "Democracy" to give it a little something extra.


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Trump will never be arrested, let alone go to prison. People have been saying that for over a decade and it has never happened.

And it will never happen. Why? Because most of them are in bed with him one way or another.