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    Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on drying and curing I know u hang for 3 to 10 days when you put it in her how many times do you open the jar a day and foe how long etc. Thank you rollitup mwmbers
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    70's natureboy

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    At the top of the page is a thread called the perfect cure every time.
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    Lower temperature slows drying.
    Higher speeds it up.

    Lower humidity speeds it up
    Higher slows it.

    You want the temperature in the 70's and humidity from 55-65%. Temp over 75 will degrade thc is what I've read.

    Drying wont be done at 3 days unless you have high temp low humidity. Even then probably wont be done unless you've trimmed the leaves and taken the buds off the stalk.

    A window A/C will lower humidity and temperature. Sure central air does too.

    You will want to jar early if this is your first cure. This is not my recommendation just stating what first time curers will do.

    Some say wait until the stem snaps, but does not break. Some say when the stem breaks.

    The bud should feel dry, but not crumble apart.

    If you jar it, and it feels wet after you check it then its to early to jar.

    If you jar, and it doesnt feel wet after you check it then its good to go.

    After your done drying the moisture shouldnt immediately return to the buds. It all gets returned over the course of curing. Not after the first jar.

    I just jarred my buds. They are very dry, the stems dont break and still have some moisture. I could feel the difference (slightly) after burping the first time. Its a little more moist, but still very dry.

    The very end of some bud stems are breaking, but not the rest.

    Also I've got "samples" from some buds every other day. Just get a bud, and cut up a toke. You will feel the wetness chopping it up (i use scissors to chop my buds). Every other day you can take a sample and see how much dried it is by the feeling of cutting some with scissors, and also how it burns.

    Day before yesterday my sample didnt burn that well. Still felt wet when cutting. The next day I could feel it a bit drier when cutting, and it burned like smoke should.

    Then I jarred.

    Lots lf things affect drying time. Biggest of course temp and humidity. Those control it. How long ago you watered before you chopped, and if you trim leaves wet or dry as well as leaving buds on stalk, or taking off.

    Yes read a tutorial, but if you have anymore questions just ask. It is a little difficult to get a hold on if your doing right or not no matter how many tutorials you read, but information is key. Wether it a tutorial or us gauging your dry time by your info. Your info would be everything I stated in the last paragraph.

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    Thank you
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    Cold$moke has a thread on here called 'show me your drying setup' or something thereabouts, it helped me lock my drying game down this year, and now I'm killing it every time! Good luck!
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