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    hey everyone!! so i am a first time grower and I need some advise on why the leaves of my clones are not doing so well. I am really not sure if it's nutrient overload or if my PH seems abit off.

    Unfortunately my clones that i got had a small spider mite problem but i am busy solving that with neem oil..... I am also growing under a 150 watt LED and a 250 Watt CFl 6400k.

    I only recently put in the 250 watt cfl bulb in so i am not sure maybe if my clones are in shock because of the light, ph, or nutrients. And in case anyone is wondering, yes the clones have already rooted and are growing new stems so that is not the problem.

    I am also using organic Bio-grow and Bio fish mix as a foiler spray and Amino once in a while.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Ph is off red/ purple stems, have you foliar fed with lights on? What are your temps? Id recommend plain water for a few days then half strength nutrients till they get back on track. Got a similar problem myself but mine is due to cold.

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