plauged by dialated pupils?

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    and during a routine traffic stop no less!
    dont sweat it... just remember one of these 5 excuses
    that i have gone through the trouble of researching for you
    on account of me not haveing a life and you,re golden..
    lets get started

    no. 1.] : antihistamine-( for allergies i believe )this is my favorite and the most believable in my opinion.
    what you're gunna wanna do is purchase you a box of said antihistamine, pop a few out and toss em then keep the remainder on you're dashboard.

    2]Im very aroused. (attraction)...studies show 90 percent of the populations pupils dialate when intrested in someone sexually or with the dialouge exchange in general ..just pulled that one out my ass...i have no idea if thats true...sounds right

    3].phseudoephedrine- (an over the counter medication regulated by the f.d.a do to the manufacture of methamphetamine)another allergy issue i believe ... not my first choice

    4].herbal folk remedy (Datura Stramonium) fck the counter, grandma knows best
    my D.T is acting up again officer, when they ask, and they will ask...elaborate and dont
    forget to mention granny.

    5].eye disorder: (Anterior uveitis ) iono...worth a google

    know anymore? PleaseAdd
    and help keep a fellow RIU member
    out of debt and out of the system
    due to a little self-medication..

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    I say go to the dmv super baked so your photo makes it appear as thats your normal look, which it may be... but either way it helps they dont have an unbaked version to compare against. Plus it makes the wait at the dmv more tolerable
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