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    So I have a strain that I've been told is platinum og, I have no way of confirming this however I do trust my guy and he has never steered me wrong before and the description online does match the buds. So now here' my issue. This weed looks absolutely fantastic top shelf, smells amazing, completely covered in crystals I mean it looks smells tastes better than most weed but for some reason no matter how much I smoke I can only get so high, I can't get blazed off of it, I have another strain that doesn' look,taste, smell as good as the platinum but gets me way way higher. I'm just very confused as to why such amazing nugs don't get me as high as it should. Anyone have any suggestions why this could be? I mean I would understand if it was shitt bud or something but it' far from it, and I've never had this problem with any other strain I've ever smoked it' just so weird any suggestions would be appreciated

    charlestonchunk Well-Known Member

    The complex endocanabonoid system, your DNA, hybrids designed for people not wanting to be “blazed”
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    waterproof808 Well-Known Member

    We used to get this strain called Sugar Shack that had ridiculous bag appeal but you could smoke huge joints of it by yourself and barely feel a thing.

    Sometimes strains just have low potency and nothing can be done about it...purple punch, blackberry, etc. would fall under this category.

    I've had this tres mints clone for a few years and taking a bong hit of it hits me like taking a good sized dab.

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