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    For my outdoor grow can I plant my seeds directly in ground will my seedlings survive growing outside there whole life ?
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    In nature the seeds go directly from the plant to the ground, and that's how they've grown for a long, long time. Personally, I would prefer to sprout them indoors and grow them under a light for the first part of their lives, and then when the threat of frost is gone, and the plants are healthy and thriving, slowly start getting them used to being outside in the sun.

    Also, be sure that you have a strain suitable for the length of growing season where you live. When I first started, I found out the hard way that you can't take just any strain and grow it outside. Wet weather comes, and so does mold. And trust me, taking down a crop that you've spent months taking care of, and putting that entire crop straight into the garbage because it's covered in mold, is not a good feeling. Save yourself a whole lot of heartache and make sure your strain's flowering time will allow it to finish before the weather turns bad.

    Good luck.
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    In nature, the plant will drop 1000 seeds and maybe a few will survive. That's why they make so many. Can it work? Absolutely. In a lot of places in the world they still broadcast plant cannabis seeds, or simply hand plant them in furrows or shallow holes. But again, they will plant many, many, more than they need.

    The other issue is that unless you are near the equator, your growing season will be shortened if you start from seed in the ground. You can't plant until the seedlings are past the risk of freezing. Which puts them 2 months behind prestarted plants in veg.

    But if you have a limited number of seeds, you will have much better luck getting them to the point where you can sex them, then put them out after the risk a last gasp freeze has past.

    Of course it's less risky to plant seeds if you live in a red state. You will just have to plant more and harvest smaller plants.
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