Plant rotation effect plant hormones.

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    eyeballsaul Well-Known Member

    So I have always used a static type of hydroponic system. Due to circumstance I am having to use coco for this grow.
    I have decided to grow small stout plants against my usual practice of scrog, I am curious to see the results.
    The question I have is...

    I am rotating the plants to help avoid them growing a canopy, so far so good, quite the challenge with slh.

    My understanding is that the branches receiving the most light will also receive the most growth hormones.
    As the branch gets healthier the plant invests more hormones ECT?

    Do growth hormones build up over time and it is the build up of hormones that create a positive effect or are they distributed in such a manner that they cannot build up within one particular branch, supply essentially being switched on and off easily?

    If hormones do take time to build up and dependant upon your growth requirements are we not then better to only rotate occasionally and not too extensively over short periods of time?

    Thanks thought I'd ask for your thoughts may be quite educative for some, myself included.

    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    I rotate mine early because i feel along the lines you do. I find in the end they will be too big and its more trouble than its worth in that stage. Placebos are real. If you feel its right for you do it. No harm can come of rotating them unless you snap a branch in the process. And later in the game you prob will with a reg grow

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Eerm its auxin that vause growth,bend the large heads to stuny the growth n the auxins will go elsewhere thus evening ur canopy. Rotation is for even light spread
    Check out my thread for proof

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