Plant Moisture Stress - Symptoms and Solutions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Uncle Ben, Jan 12, 2009.


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    Well my diagnosis, is just as I expected.
    You are feeding too much calmag. It's making your water really hard.
    You may as well be using hard water. That's why I asked what your water was like.

    You have a calmag problem. But not in the way a lot of people probably told you.

    tylerkewl Member

    Feminized seeds are all basically herms to begin with..There are created by causing stress to the genetics. Why people pay more for fem and auto flower seeds IllI never know. Except for the fact that it makes it easier for beginners..I don't see any way the quality of flower could be as good as the same genetics before stress. Anyone else have an opinion?

    raggyb Well-Known Member

    Probably true. One counter argument might be why landrace are so desirable when they are the result of decades of inbreeding? Maybe they're not so great? I got one it's a pain in the ass to grow.
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    tylerkewl Member

    Ohh don't get me wrong. I am totally for genetic manipulation..That's just agriculture. We would all starve and smoke shitty weed. If not for selective breeding...
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    Using lst, began to notice lacerated leaves. What could be the problem?
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    Oogsi Member

    Don’t worry about that I had the same I found out I wasn’t careful when doing LST and I actually did the damage myself , oh and your fan being to close / to high can do that too

    tylerkewl Member

    Yeah she's pretty dang happy now! No Death , No bugs, No disease. I better take like 50 more while the going is good

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    This is new to me..any info?

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    How many of your leaves are doing that ?
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    This plant theres a few. Theres only a few plant doing it. Maybe one or two on this plant and that plant but its weird idk. About to flip them to the flower room where i have work room, give them snother week on veg in there to stretch and neem them.

    Killarkhronic Member

    Temps fine in my room. About 70 75. Everything is as usual. Air conditioned and my water chillers at 68 69...dont know whst the deez is

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    Gorilla Mike

    Gorilla Mike New Member

    Hey OneHit,

    There’s a guy on YouTube and I can’t remember his name but he’s got a ton of great growing videos with his bombshell girlfriend participating in a lot of them. But how I found him was by the first video of his I stumbled onto and it was called something like, “The first four inches”. It was mind-blowing and a real eye-opener and it didn’t even have his hot girlfriend in it! He was teaching how to get a massive healthy root system by starting his seed sprouts in a 4 inch rockwool cube! Uncle Ben was diagnosing plant problems by looking at leaves and everything he says boils down to having and healthy root system and you asked, “How do I tell if it has a robust effective rootsystem?”

    This guy on YouTube in the “First Four Inches” video says that the best way to get a healthy root system is to start one from the very beginning with your sprouted seed. And then he teaches how to do it! I tried his advice and it worked like a charm! He uses fabric pots (I think). When I saw this video I was growing in plastic 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled out the bottom for good drainage. I’ve been using them fine for 20 years! So my next crop I switched over to fabric pots just to see if they were any better. And everything broke BAD! But I think my mistake was I also tried experimenting with a handful of other variables too so I couldn’t tell if it was the fabric pots causing the problem cause they’re supposed to be fool-proof. Maybe they found in me their first FOOL! I’ll tell you what I discovered later was the cause of all my grief. But experimentation and recording it is always good for new growers.

    When I got big I tried experimenting with auto trimmers. The only one that worked like a charm was Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. It manicured my buds perfect every time no matter what I did! And fast too! In all my growing experience its the only machine that’s worked perfectly and is still working perfectly 3 years later with no maintenance or breakdowns!

    paradise1 Member

    Helpppp, what my problems? Overwatering? Its been hit with strong storms 2 week ago. :(

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    My plants were extremely stressed this weekend. They were underwatered and now they look like this. Any tips for getting them back on track? 20180827_183536.jpg 20180827_183533.jpg 20180827_183307.jpg

    Vinny1989 Active Member

    In the overwatering section you've wrote.mat the end you state "bio folks" sorry if this is a dumb question but do you mean folks that use biobizz nutrients?? As what you have wrote about overfertilization sounds exactly like what's up with my plants and I'm using biobizz nutrients

    pollen205 Active Member

    when I defoliate plant ...Do I water that day or when do I water or feed when I defoliate

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