Plant Magic Plus Nutrients, any good?

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    buddwasher Active Member

    yeah plant magic plus - i might go with it next grow

    been promised by shop its cheaper and better results

    anyone had any experience of it?

    :D thanx in advance

    oh its for a hydro set up and been using canna

    buddwasher Active Member

    is that a no then :( ? i hear its generated just for the uk market's water so prob not available outside uk

    strangest thing is nothing comes up on google - no impartial reviews at least

    buddwasher Active Member

    its not normal - not being able to find impartial reviews - im a paranoid person but it seems systematicaly organised to give good search results

    cant belive no one out there has used plant magic nutrients

    bubblebucketguy Member

    personally ive never heard of the product line before...

    buddwasher Active Member

    thanx for taking the time to answer bubblebucket guy

    yeah i hadnt either - as i understand it they are only for uk growers something to do with being specificaly designed for uk tap water grows - will not need ph adjusting

    i am gonna give it a go next grow so i guess u will all be hearing my comparing canna vs plant magic thread soon :D

    minster Member

    I moved onto Plant magic coco nutes and supplements mid grow after some problems with canna (canna are very good but not for me). I havent looked back since. My grow is a different experience, the ladies are now flying and exceeding expectations. Cant say enough good things about it, I think 'essence' is an excellent product in particular and I am a pretty sure the key difference with these products is the positive effects on roots. I have very hard UK water. I had an initial concern with the amount of PH down needed at the beginning cause my starting PH before nutes is very high. However, now the ladies are eating well and the amount of nutes added has increased, I need very little PH down .

    I have no connections with Plant magic at all but wanted to share that I am totally chuffed with the difference they have made over canna in my water (no reflection on canna, they produce awesome grows but I am a beginner) - the icing on the cake for me is that is a UK company....something I like to support against the dominant Dutch cartels

    buddwasher Active Member

    if ever i heard a company stooge this is it >:(

    minster Member

    tut - wish you could read, I post on results not BS like your profile - as I said, have no affliation or even met/spoke to anyone from Plant magic
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    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    plant magic are the best nutes you can get in my eyes

    resinousflowers420 Well-Known Member

    i use plant magic soil and their "organic" nutrients.all very good stuff.

    ➐7➆ Member

    Hello, I to am using PM organics for the first time and very happy, I'm almost 4 weeks flowering and a couple ladies seem to be eating themselves abit early, I feed 4ml PM Bloom, 3ml Seaweed extract and 1ml calmag per litre every 3 days, grown in 10 litre pots. I also removed the inner shoots in veg this time to avoid popcorn and wondering if thats why shes eating them fan leaves abit early ?

    felix78 Well-Known Member

    Hi I read what you wrote, myself I have used both plant magic root stimulator vs canna rhizotonic and my results were dramatic root stimulator came out trumps compared to the canna rhizotonic, by far much thicker and longer roots even though I do like rhizotonic, what put the smile on my face even more than the results, was the " PRICE " the saving is well worth the try, it is half the price of the canna, trust me, or better still trust your instincts you won't be sorry, hope peeps read this reply, hope it helped yeah.
    Michael Huntherz

    Michael Huntherz Well-Known Member

    Do they have any details on their product label? Can you post a pic or a link with as much detail as possible? Are there regulations about fertilizer labels in UK?
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