Plant Leaves not opening up and spreading out??

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    [HR][/HR] Hello So these or the clone offspring from my Ice and Chrystal and thry are on week 4 of 12/12 for some reason some of the leaves arent opening up like normal. Is there something I should know or should I just let them be? 20121001_103023.jpg 20121001_103044.jpg 20121001_103059.jpg

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    Opening up normal? Looks like a fairly normal flowering bud to me

    Hilo Well-Known Member

    Looks normal brother

    usmcfirefighter Member

    if you look and see some of them arent fully "spread out" i dont know why or if its a problem but some of them are almost overlapping almost looks like an English wave or something

    usmcfirefighter Member

    OK so Ive been down this road before and here it is again,, But I cannot figure out this time exactly what is going on here. my PH is a lil high so next watering im going to bring it down with some "down" (im not far off just around 7.2) so im going to water with 6.3.... I know it seems like a cal/mag def, but ive been giving a light supplement of cal/mag every watering... which is where I think might be the problem??? since I am using tap water there really isnt need to supplemental cal/mag ive learned..
    so my questions are.....
    what are your inputs????
    If i water 6.3 and stop with the cal/mag should this correct my problem????

    P.s. i have a light infestation of spider mites and that is going to be cleared up quick cuz I brought hell upon them this morning and will continue to bring hate and discontent to them until they are gone...
    I have attached pictures as well as a cool macro shot of my Icy ladies (new phone has macro feature!!)
    Strains are White Widow (whos showing the worst signs), and ice & chrystal

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    usmcfirefighter Member

    come on people, I really need to figure this out so I can take corrective action first thing in the morning.

    aknight3 Moderator

    it looks like some slight nutrient burn and/or a lockout. try flushing for a few watering and the newer leaves should come up green and fine, the older leaves will never go back to green but its nothign t oworry about. they dont look to bad so dont worry yourself to much, its not as bad as youthink, just dial back the nutrients a little bit, make sure you are using a micro formula, if they were my plants i would use plain water for 2 or 3 waterings and then after that only use a micro formula at very small amounts. if u have any questions feel free to message me, later

    skefaman Well-Known Member

    the wave u speak of means nothing!
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    usmcfirefighter Member

    that'swhat I figured I just needed some reassuring advice besides my own.. Im gonna water with a lower ph using ph down for a few times using just plain water. this should lower the soil ph as well as provide kind of a flush then return back with lower nutes.
    my nutesare biotancare* so ill just return after the couple straight watering with liquid karma. then start back on a light feed of bloom pro soil and my humbolts crystal bursts

    usmcfirefighter Member

    tomorrow is water day so im going to use 6.3 of plain water then the next watering 6.5. then feed on the third and get them back on schedule

    boris740 Member

    This is my first grow with similar V (not a canoe) shaped leaves. The plant is from stray seed planted on whim.
    BTW, I am new here and know not what I'm doing yet.

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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Too much light, can miniturize your leaves, and plants.
    So can defoliating, and removing all your fan leaves.

    If you have been supplementing calmag. How much nitrogen, have you been feeding? They do look a little pale.
    Low nitrogen can inhibit calcium from absorbing. Itd explain your brown spots.

    Too much, or too little. That part is up to you.

    I'm going with too much calmag, and not enough nitrogen. At a guess.


    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Far out.
    You dug this thread from its grave.

    What medium are you in??
    What have you been feeding?
    What's your ph?

    boris740 Member

    Here is the tortured history of this bonsai plant.

    I found one seed in the dregs of sativa and decided to give it a try. It sprouted right away. I plated it in a cup of some old, used potting soil.
    Later transplanted in a larger pot with same soil.

    It turned out to be pH issue. Flushing it with pH down lowered the pH somewhat but it kept creeping up. Applying cal-mag didn't show any change.

    I than decided to transplant into a proper container soil consisting of coco, peat moss, perlite etc.
    This required to remove as much old soil from the root ball with out damaging it much.

    It perked up right away and the pH of the runoff is 6.3

    It was fed sparingly with Miracle Grow 24-8-16. This was discontinued as I noticed a bit of tip burn. Another flush. pH 6.2

    For now lights consist of about 150W collection of LED & CFL lights 24hrs on. I am building a proper grow room with yet undecided lightning.

    One more thing that I didn't pay attention to. The relative humidity is about 30%. Ambient temperature is 20°C dipping to 18 at night.

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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Ill take a guess man. Its a guess though.

    Try raising your humidity, and dropping your feed.
    I think it may be a case of, intense light, too much light, or low humidity.
    Imho. Its the feed, and humidity.

    Plants drink a lot when its dry.
    Strong nutes, and bright light, doesnt help at all.
    Ive found less than about 20'C, will really sloow growth, right down. This could be a factor too.

    If its a little bit of all these things, you dont know. Unless, you try them all.
    Sorry dude. Its gonna be a grind.
    Good luck.

    boris740 Member

    Thank you for all advice. I have been through steep learning curves before. I have compared the light intensity at the plant with that of sunny window and window is brighter. New humidity meter reads 19%RH. Will keep you posted.
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    boris740 Member

    Three weeks later. I built a grow room and moved her in. Proper light, temperature and humidity is all she needed. She is two feet tall now and doing well. Having a tortured past and sprouting from a random bag seed I am wondering at what point should I change 20-4 cycle to 12-12? Also, as she is under 600W MH bulb, when should I change to HPS?

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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Sweet news dude.

    IMHO you could change it to 18/6 for a week or so. Probably change to hps after a few days. Then change the 18/6, to 12/12, and you're laughing.

    Plants look great!

    boris740 Member

    It has been 12/12 for about four weeks. Compared to the lousy stat it is doing well. I am trying to decide when to start flushing.
    Trichomes are transparent and some still appear to be developing.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Looking really nice maing.
    Id give it another solid week before thinking about flushing at all.
    Personally if it were my plant. Id be harvesting in about 3 weeks. Maybe 2. Maybe 4. Who knows.
    I wait until the frost has a very slight pink or yellow "tinge" to it. Then its flush and harvest time. I personally trust the look overall more than i trust my scope and trichomes.
    Its just a matter of "getting the feel" of how you personally like them.
    Id start cutting back on nutrients now though!
    Start tapering them back.

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