Pine Tar Gush ( ptk x gorilla bubble)

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    This line is a collaboration from Verdantgreen and I using Pine Tar Kush from Leangreens work to preserve Tom Hills PTK line. (The real PTK not christmas bud).

    We are expecting a jump in potency and resin production while maintaining the PTK terp profile.
    From many gb outcrosses we know what to expect out of her and the PTK terp profile also is known to come through on the outcross so they should be nice.

    This is the F1 created by Verdantgreen. If you thought gb stank in veg these seedlings are absolutely reeking as seedlings. Sharp stem rubs and some trich production on the stems just a few weeks in.

    Feel free to pop open a chair. Hopefully it will be a fun ride!
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    Got my comfy couch parked
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    Buckled and ready
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    antonioverde Well-Known Member

    Call it two and a half weeks under a low power t5.
    All pretty uniform and exploding roots. Shitty pics but some striping on the stems.
    Old lady helped me get em into 3 gallon pots since im fucked up from surgery.
    Lets hope for some girls and boys to f2

    Working name Pine Tar Gush for now.

    Pine Tar Kush is a pure Paki WLD line.

    1204182247a.jpg 1204182247b-1.jpg 1204182312a-1.jpg 1204182248.jpg
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    antonioverde Well-Known Member

    Starting off like a real f1. Nice and uniform. If you thought the gb stinks in veg these reek. Sharp smells on stem rubs already.
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    Mr Gold Nuggs

    Mr Gold Nuggs Well-Known Member

    Look good so far can't wait to see what traits she brings to gb? Iv just popped some gb bx4 f2's about 20 still in my top 3 strains to this day am still looking for that gorrila glue leaf twist hope I find a female that does in my 20 any way rant over can't wait to see the progress will start saving up to buy spend when they become available

    antonioverde Well-Known Member

    Few days under hps. All pretty uniform. Upper left is a bit of an outlier. Little longer nodes and more open thinner leaf atm. Forgive my dirty tray, cant bend from surgery atm.

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    blues147 Well-Known Member

    Looking good, I'm def a fan!!!

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