Picking a heat sink for DIY Grow

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    First of all, apologies for a duplicate thread. I used the search function and looked for the past hour and I can't find (too stupid to recognize) an answer to my question. Any help or simply a link to something where I could find the answer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Also my body is ready if you just want to flame me for being a noob.

    My question:

    I am gonna run Vero29SE-C cobs at 1400ma. so they would put out like 94.4W.
    I was gonna go with with the 140mm pin heatsinks from rapid but now i have been told they don't have the heat dissipation to run these cobs passively. Should i just run these anyway with an oscillating fan blowing over them or is that unsafe?
    Can anyone recommend to me a heatsink that could run these cobs passively safer and fit in around the same space? I wanted to get something like SSTX but can't find it in stock anywhere.

    I know there are a lot of people on here with tons of experience in this. I am a total noob. Please if you have a moment today to help me out i would appreciate it.
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    It looks like a lot of guys are not stocking the bigger pin heat sinks. Probably down to the popularity of Quantum boards.

    I got 163mm pins from Kingbrite on Alibaba , but those were for like 75w running citizen clu058s @1400ma.
    They barely get warm. But think they are only good up to 85w.
    They sell 180mm rated for up to 105w.
    You can contact him http://kingbriteled.en.alibaba.com/

    Specify what cobs your using exactly and ask if they are pre drilled for those cobs, if not they will pre drill them for you.

    They are reputable and lots of folks on here in the "great COB rush" bought from him.
    Should be very cheap too but by the time you pay import and shipping will obviously cost more.
    Still though for me it was cheaper to ship from over there than buy local.

    Good luck

    Edit.. http://kingbriteled.en.alibaba.com/...pm=a2700.8304367.rect38f22d.11.235726cfV0T9wn
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    thanks so much for your reply corey. alibaba ftw.
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