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    Fiete Active Member

    I want to try Coco and the PH I have with my Tap are 7.9. If I put lemon juice in the pH drops but hours later it's going up so that's not what I want! How I can decrease the pH for longer than 12 hours?

    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    Buy pH Down liquid solution.
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    eyderbuddy Well-Known Member

    Or phosphoric acid and make your own. Ph down gets expensive after a while, just saying!
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    Larry3215 Well-Known Member

    Or sulfuric acid (plain old battery acid), dilute that and use it. Stupid cheap and work great. I bought a $7 container of battery acid at the auto parts store, added 1/4 cup to one gallon of water and thats at least as concentrated as PH down. That $7 container of acid will make something like 15 gallons of PH down.
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    JohnDee Well-Known Member've got more nerve then me. Not for using HsSO4 (I do to)...but for posting about it. People tend to get rather hysterical about the idea of using battery acid on plants.

    Large commercial hydro ops use it. It is super smooth and very powerful.

    The risk is in diluting it. NEVER add water to a powerful acid. Always add the acid to the Larry said. And use safety glasses and professional grade containers. Not for dumbbells and noobs.

    PS Once diluted, it's as safe to handle as any other ph down

    Larry3215 Well-Known Member

    Ha! Im married, so internet criticism doesnt even register on me :D
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    Just so you're aware, lots of nutrients nowadays self buffer into a range. You may find that once your nutrients are mixed together, they could land in a perfect range with your water.

    Get a bottle of PH up and PH down to keep on hand. But 7.9 isn't a bad starting PH at all.
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    Logan Burke

    Logan Burke Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm sure there are dozens of things you could use in place of PH Up/down, but I don't think it would be a good idea or worth leaving yourself vulnerable to any issues it may cause...better to either buy name brand PH UP./Down or make your own. Just be careful if you make your own.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    $33 for 5 gallons at my local parts store. Should last me a year, maybe 2.

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    In another life when I was a contractor my company acid washed buildings & brightened tractor trailers etc. with hydrofluoric acid. I use and recommend the safe commercial products.
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