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    AGREED definitely not for party/festival use.

    I suggest a quiet relaxed setting, make sure you have somewhere comfy to sit lay down because when the effects are at there most your gonna want to lay down and close your eyes. Music is a must (something peaceful) if you ask me makes the journey much more interesting

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    thanks for the info bro! yea im going to most likely take it in a very open setting and bust out a drum and sing songs from my ancestors while trying to connect with them for guidance :) its proving difficult to find in my area but im determined lol

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    order some 12 inch San Pedro cuttings off eBay.. there's normally enough mescaline in a 12 inch long by 3 inch wide cutting for one dose.. you'll be waiting a long time for peyote to get old enough to harvest...
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    Completely forgot about Ebay lol. Any particular sellers on there that are known to be reliable? I'm sure Ill find one but if you guys got any recommendations lmk :) thanks again

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