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    I Want to share the design of my room before i start the work. If you see thing that is wrong or could be better another way, please share. I had modified my setup many times thru my firsts grow and i want to redo it for a long time.

    The goal of this setup is to harvest about once a month or a bit longer depending on strains.

    -The room : is in a basement 13x15 Actualy it's a 9x13 room but im about to move a wall. The room have 2 adjacent wall to the outside who's gona be insulated with 3inch foam, and the others wall division will be insulated with fiberglass batt for sound purposes.

    -Flowering : Im planning installing a 4x8 tray in the center of the room for the flowering who will be "open air". Im planning splitting it in two zone, so each month i harvest one side. There will be two independant cob fixtures (~600W each) to accomodate two strains height.

    -Mothers / Clones : I've got an existing 2x5 homemade tent to keep mothers and to starts clones or seedlings. Im not sure if i should keep mothers or i should take cutting from vegging plant and only use the tent for clones and seeds. Inside there is a 200w COB fixture and a 120mm that will circulate the air thru the main room

    -Vegging : I have an existing 4x4 homemade tent that i'll use to veg the clones while one spot become free in the flower zone. I'll use a 1000W MH that will eventually be replaced by a COB Fixture, not sure how much watt. The Metal Halide will be inside a vented hood on a 6 inch fan that will intake and exhaust to another room. A 4inch fan will recirculate the air to the main room.

    -Cooling : Planning on installing a 12 000BTU Mini Split but i'll try to use my 8000BTU Portable AC at first for the spring (The AC Has an intake and an exhaust so the condenser is completly isolated from the room and i'll not flush odors outside...)

    -Dehumidifier : I'll try to find something over 100pint or im gona use two smaller one...

    -Ventillation : At the beggining i was planning on venting thru a cheminey but i was aware of being spotted by FLIR so instead im planning on venting to the basement with a 8in fan and 10in carbon filter. The fan will be constantly running on low to keep negative pressure and it will cycle at high to maintain a minimal co2 level. I'll have to buy a co2 meter to check how often to run it and if inside home co2 will be enough or i'll need to take air from outside. A passive intake will be installed in the window to let fresh air in cold weather or to replenish co2 level.

    My biggest concern is : will the A/C and dehumidifier will be enought to not occasionnate mold problems inside my house. I Dont really want to vend hot air outside in fear of beeing spoted. I Think the mini split unit outside is stealth.

    -Growing Technique :
    I Plan to harvest 4 plant per month so there will be always 8 plant in the flowering. I Was planning on installing screen to Scrog in the flowering but im not sure about that, only tried it only once and i was training the plants in vegetative phase and flip to 12/12 when the net was 2/3 full. Is it a good idea to start scroging them while they start to strech?

    -Medium : Coco Drain to waste

    -Watering : Everthing exept clones will be on an automatic watering system that im curently using and working pretty well. Not that im too lazzy, i'll be visiting them at least twice a day to check on everything and adjust PH

    What do you think?

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    Glenkush Member

    I guess everything is fine, or my post is too long to read :p

    Smokey57 Well-Known Member

    i will contribute here. this is my first post giving my opinion, normally i only read and learn. Please be gentle
    the only thing i see is you definately don't need 1000w in a veg tent.
    if it was me (i grow hps so somewhat biased) i would put the 1000w hps with the flower and move one of the 600 cob to the veg tent
    added bonus you only have the 1000w on 12 hours instead of 18.

    just throwing another option out there for you


    Glenkush Member

    I see your point. The thing is this is temporary, i plan to run all the way COB and ditch the magnetic 1000w but the budget dont allow me to build 3 fixtures right away. But you are right i should put the 1000W (i have an hps too) under the flower zone and build my veg fixture right away, it will probably be something like ~400W COBs

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    If I had that much space , I’d be flowering a lot more then 4x8 .

    I wouldn’t have the flowering in the middle either . When you are tight to a wall with a reflective surface, it will bounce light back on the plants , in the middle of the room your losing, that light is hitting the floor.

    Build a wall, make two rooms , veg/work & flower.

    Glenkush Member

    I thought it will be a good idea to have access all around for scroging and pruning....right now im flowering in a 4x4 and its a pita to access the plant in the back.

    For the loss of light i was thinking to put some removable panda film close to the plant so the light can reflect. If i need access to the plant i can just move the panda and then put it back...

    Is it that much a bad idea to flower in the middle of the room?

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I know how hard it is to work when up against the wall, I lay on my back n crawl in between the pots , n work up, or stand on a stool and reach over , it sucks . the panda will work to reflect the light back.
    It’s give n take in every room , my room isn’t set how I’d really like it , but I don’t have enough room , and to setup how I would like would hurt my yeild.

    I’m wired for maxing out yeild in a given space, I forget that some people have no need for this .

    You could make tables on wheels for rolling around too.

    Designing & setting up and tweaking n dialing in a room is my favorite part of growing .have fun .

    Glenkush Member

    I can also make it let say 10x3' against the wall so the back is easier to reach. I Dont need a really big yield, i just want it to be easy and enjoyable to grow, right now my setup is really not friendly, i have to make contortion with my body to move around the closet, fans, dehumidifier, nute reservoir etc...

    I Thought of the moving table but i was afraid to lose to much height, celling are not that much high and i will eventually grow a nice sativa in there.

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Really depends on the lights you use for your foot print, I have no experience with led .

    Gardenator Member

    I would have to agree with you on why so much light in a veg tent but why flower with a MH when the HPS route is a better suited spectrum for flowering as the MH provides only the blue end of the spectrum best for veggative growth. Just a suggestion but i would switch it to an hps and throw it over the bloomers.

    Gardenator Member

    I have a small basement space i am using roughly around same size its more like 12x13 and its not a square its an L. It is a real pain in the ass getting around in a small set up but i decided to put everything against walls as to maximize my work space. Also you are drain to waste so really just need enough space to get in there and water ur ladies you shouldnt be doing really any pruning after week 2 of flower and I never touch them after week 3 or you are losing weight for sure. Honestly the plants need room to grow and u need room to work. I have an ezcloner set up with 2 full spectrum 30w bulbs under a 2x1 cabinet on the wall plastic drapped over the area to keep the enviroment separate, a 4x2 veg tent i veg 4 under a 4ft 34w 6500k led shop light fixture with 2 full spectrum ufo leds, I have a 2x2x4 mother tent with 4 moms in one bucket (getting rid of this its way easier to just pull clones 2 weeks before flower then have the extra space taken up in my set up) and a (roughly) 6x6 flower space with a 600w hps and 4 led ufo grow lights all 150w. Flower space its ventilated by a 6 inch can fan (442cfm) and a 6 inch scrubber. Air circulated by 2 oscilating fans a 20 inch box fan and i have a 10000btu portable vented into the room keeping the temp at 77°F all day while lights are on and i keep it 66°F at night. All pushed into the corners and against the walls except the flower space is pulled against a wall but I have everything centered in my space with a 1.5ft walk way around the 4 plants that is basically taken up by the fans and the ac unit lol so I crall around and when i need to prune i take the lady into the veg/clone/mom room as I left a nice large work space out in this area to do all my work and plant maintainence. Plant caddies are awesome for my buckets i would put ur tray on wheels because you will set up your room probly a dozen times before you fill it and may be once or twice more afterwards lol and the entire time u are growing and dialing this in you will be making minor ajustments. So before I ever make anything perm I buy 4 rolls of gorilla tape and hang panda curtains and start sectioning areas off till everything makes sense (by the time I am out of tape and ambition lol). I would put it all up take pics walk us through and go from there sounds like a pretty decent set up though so far im interested to see how you manage the space.

    Glenkush Member

    I have both lamps MH and HPS to go inside the fixture. I will eventually ditch it for LED. I will use it temporary over flower (with the hps) until i build led fixture.

    Glenkush Member

    Thanks for advice. I usually prune right after the 2 week stretch.

    When the wall will be moved and the room ready to setup i will probably lay some tape on the floor to see if everything make sence. If i ever go agaisnt the wall for the flower, i will make the tray on wheels for sure!

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