Peak smell hours and harvesting

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    I do. Just not the pseudo science written/based on their own confirmation bias opinions.
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    What are you talking about?

    The 2 authors I mentioned are educated horticulturists and conducted experiments for years with recorded data all about our plant.

    The pseudo science is here mostly.
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    The only way this isn't pseudo science is to do the tests, test some roots and post the results. Others should be able to reproduce.
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    Rosenthal BRIEFLY attended Youngstown University.
    There is not much to be found on Robert C Clarkes education. Which leads me to believe he has little or none. Just like Rosenthal. To each their own. But I do not give either of them much credence.
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    I’m sure they will be devastated to hear that. Lol.

    Seriously though. Pics, data and info of actual Grows are all over Rosenthals book. And better info than most guides.

    The Clark book is like a textbook for the plant. Especially the breeding and sexing chapters.

    I have tried to read everything I can for quite a few years now. I wouldnt suggest something if it wasn’t credible.

    If you want info on regular plants and crops the universities have plenty of info. Even the PThorticulture website ( pro mix) has tons of plant info.

    I’m not even sure what you are arguing for. I’m pretty sure Ed’s book is the basis for education at the cannabis college. Any mis info from the early days has long been retracted and reprinted correctly in new editions.

    If I was wrong about any info on still invite you to show a credible link.
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