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    Seshwaan Member

    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice on negative pressure with regards to a carbon filter.

    I am aware that there needs to be negative pressure inside the case in order for the carbon filter to work. It is my understanding that you create this negative pressure by having more exhaust than intake.

    My plan was to have 1 intake fan and 2 exhausts however I don't think I can do that due to the proximity of both exhausts not leaving enough space for me to add carbon filters to BOTH of them..

    My question is would I still be able to create negative pressure if rather than having 2 separate exhausts in 2 separate spots could I just make my carbon filter and have both the exhausts stacked ontop of each other both pulling air though the same carbon filter?

    Thanks in advance!

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    It doesn't work like that. Fans don't stack up. They only as good as the weakest fan.
    You can if possible use two fans side by side ducted to a Y fitting both fans sucking through the same filter. But no idea if that's possible not knowing your type of carbon filter and how your going to connect fans to filter.

    You could just do away with the intake fan. Passive intake.

    Seshwaan Member

    Ahh ok, i did think that was a little too good to be true! I do have a fan controller for these so do you think just simply having the exhaust fan running considerably higher than the intake would work?

    Seshwaan Member

    Good call, just done some more reading and looks like passive will be fine.

    Thanks brother!
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    Chech Member

    If it helps my space is 1footx1footx2.5foot and i have passive intake with one pc fan for exhaust through a carbon filter, works wonders, whats the stats of your fan?

    Seshwaan Member

    I bought a Noctura PC fan, meant to be pretty good - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Noctua-NF-F12PWM-Case-Fan-120/dp/B00650P2ZC

    What is your carbon filter out of interest?
    Jeremy Pivens

    Jeremy Pivens Well-Known Member

    If you aren't building up enough negative pressure use duct tape to partially cover your passive intake, will pull a little harder.
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    Chech Member

    Its one i baught on ebay , it was a 100mm x 150m one, check my grow youll see it,

    As for the noctura fan i chose to go cheaper ( vadar ) what one did you get exactly ? they are my next buy ...

    Seshwaan Member

    I got the NF-F12PWN, link to amazon on that last post mate
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