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    Good morning! Please forgive the intrusion as a newcomer to the group, but this seemed like a good place to go for help. I'm interning for a medical cannabis research company and have been asked to gather actual patient testimonials covering about a dozen common medical conditions. Would anyone here be willing to share their treatment experience including the most effective strains, products, and dosing for different medical conditions?

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    you'll learn that every variety of marijuana will effect different people in different ways. Even different days of medicating will show different effects. Using the same variety for extended period of time will also show a marked difference in effects from day to day. Personal health, physical and mental health plays a role with marijuana effects. Prescription users find cannabis effects much differently than non rx users often. I feel nauseous when I use a high cbd variety while some users are rewarded with pain relief.
    Some varieties produce sever anxiety for some people, some of the times they use it yet for others it may not cause those effects, or maybe it will this time. Eating cannabis makes me sick to my gut, while it provides others with great relief for many issues.

    right from seed controls in garden rooms vary from one to another. Each of those controls will ultimately affect outcomes, of plant health, plant vigor, plant flavanoids, terpene profiles, and trichome development. Without garden standards these factors produce product all over the map, some is enjoyed by some people some of the time for some reasons.

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