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    Hey guys, a long time lurker here. I just wanted to share my recent experience. Ive been looking for a job for a couple of months, finally found a good one, when they tell me all i have to do is pee clean and ive got it. I smoke too much to get clean in time, so i did a little research and found that synthetics still work. First i tried quick fix 6.1, which the lab "lost in transport". Not sure how its possible being an ecup, but whatever. I went in for round 2. Smoke shops qf was exppired now, so he recomended monkey whizz flask. This stuff was much harder to keep at temperature, but 5 min on my car heater was 101 degrees. It was 98 by the time i took the test. I went in did the whole thing and played the waiting game again. I got word this morning that i passed. Im so glad. Monkey whizz still works on ecup dec 2017!

    Mr.Goodtimes Well-Known Member

    Yup used that before. Good stuff.

    They raided a smoke shop round here for selling it and all the other shops pulled it from their shelves. Lol.

    I still have some stashed if i ever need it.

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    I experience the same, I've used Quickfix and failed. At first I thought it was only bad luck but since I'm not the only one who failed the tests then there's a big possibility that the product is now having some problem. My lab confirmed it saying that it's not a human urine, that phone call broke my heart. Now I need to retake my urine test and pay again. I need to pass this time for my annual physical examination. This time, I'm going to trust a review site for the correct information like on urinereview.

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