#️⃣Party Cup Challenge (Anything Under 24oz)


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official party challenge with anything under 24oz. Categories include largest yield, most artistic LST, tallest, shortest, etc.
I’m going to be running an auto in a Ball Jar, but it doesn’t have to be an auto or in a ball jar just as long as your container is under 24oz:leaf:
@Growbag22 @Hollatchaboy let’s officially start this thread & get it going‼Any suggestions for rules while we wait & see who else is interested in starting off with us❓

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@Hawg Wild
@Mellow old School
@Frank Nitty
@PJ Diaz
@Rolla J
@Red Eyed
@Doug Dawson

⚠My apologies it’s nothing personal if I forgot you
My grow started officially April 20th..Thats the day they poked their heads out of the ground. Can I still get in on it?