panda led lights from china?

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    Canadain Closet Gardener

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    Ya if you"re in the US almost all sites have free shipping. I would recommend buying in the US.
    I remember trying to order a light from the US and it was over $200 in shipping plus duties to Canada.
    HLG now has a Canadian ste :)
    American lighting companies need to have a Canadian Distributors or place it on especially with Homegrowing being legal in 4 months
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    toaster struedel

    toaster struedel Well-Known Member

    personal purchases under $1600 duty free to US i think. it would be around $800 for 2 of the dimable CXB 3590 x 4
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    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    $900 for one light?

    It looks good, BUT, no mention of led bins, which are important. .Cannabis responds best to highest bins.

    actually I more or less found them after closing my post

    Check out Amare Technologies RIU members get 25% discount. I have 3 of them
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    CikaBika Member

    to canada?? wtf!! We in EU are evem more fckd,there is no reeal companies who sell led. g. lights, and those that sp are too overpriced, gtlreedy fuc*ers.. for ecsample amare and hgl EU representatives got much higher prices than US originals,like they dont get any discounts or fabric price..If there isnt mad shipping cost,it would be cheaper for me to order from us and pay 30% of customs... Obvious their logic is Rather sell 5 lights for 500€ than sell 14 for 390€…

    GreenLogician Well-Known Member

    Yep me me, I got a cree X2 in 3500k, then an X6 with 3500k in the two middles and 2700k in the four corners.
    I love them. Pretty darn pricey. Nice to skip the DIY.
    the Cree cxb3950 loses efficiency faster than other chips as you crank it up, bear in mind. You can find better these days easily.
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