P Def??


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plants were looking great then noticed pulling in the leqves and twisting. Not heat stress, have 2 fans blowing all the hot air out, thinking has to be a P def, doesn't get too cold at night so that's nit doing it, and the twisting....stunted growth.... Could be genetics.....clones.....ahhhhh

First time had a P def and not sure what's the best way to go about it. Have Peruvian bat guano which is high in P. Was thinking a tea would be the best way to correct. Or just flush a few times and see what happens? It's new as n get seen or had this issue before, using the same nutes and everything, aqua lily just more lighting but I dialed that down and now there's browning on the edges of new growth and the P def.

Have a 400 hort blue at 50 percent 16 inches above canopy.
H and G nutes. Coco a and b.
Root x
N boost
Never had this problem, always used the same nutrients...... Could be the strain..... Heard was one of the hardest to grow.....

Thinking a tea of guano after a few days of flushing in small increments would be best.
Any other thoughts on the browning of the leave edges, nute burn?
Maybe too much .....?
Any help muh appreciated, never had this issue before and they were lookingGREAT before I noticed this. P is super important and wanna be sure all is in order before switch to 12/12 and can do that a week or 2 ago.... Gotta fix this P def and the browning, the edges are curling up so that has to mean too much of somethng.... Going to dial down, actually just going to use water alone to see if that helps stabilize it. Can't go into flower with these beauties having a P def!!!,

Please, any thoughts or advise is very much so appreciated.


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Need pics for the RIU to help diagnose the problem,but quick advice when you see a problem the best thing to do is not add anymore of whatever you just added or anything else for that matter, sometimes its not a "deficiency" but a lockout because there is too much of one thing. Whats your medium? age of the plant ? is the affected part the top or bottom of the plant?


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plants were looking great then noticed pulling in the leqves and twisting.
I've seen that a couple times and it appeared to precede an mg def. I read somewhere (a list of deficiencies) that it's associated with mg def, so it wasn't just me who noticed it.

But, if that's what it is, it doesn't seem to happen to all strains. I usually get mg def without the leaves taco'ing and rolling over exposing their underside.


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Think it's mg def?? Going to foliar before lights out to help and add a super light pH corrected for coco and P Peruvian seabird guano. Think add cal / mag as well?


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A photo would eliminate assumptions. I would use 1/2 tsp/gal epsom salt. No need to add Ca (calmag) because there is no indication of Ca def. Ca can interfere with mg. Wouldn't add it if you don't see brown specks.