Overwintering Trinidad Moruga and Orange Habanero

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    Well the winter months are upon us and my plants as slowly giving up outside any of the remaining pods were not ripening and were small... so i decided to give it a go at over wintering...

    i removed the plants from outdoors and put them in pots cut back all the foliage apart from the numex twilight as it has a few good pods about ripe and has gained play on a table in the living room..... they are in soil / aged farm manure just an inch of coco at top so it looks tidy in the house

    So question is have any of you guys done this before.. my windows are rather small so i was thinking of aiming towards a couple of t5s i have 2 t5 strips 13w each so total of 26w i used these to establish cuttings that worked good but will it be enough to keep these 4 plants alive over the winter..

    also now i have cut the hell out of of them would it be worth giving them a drop of rhizo and i know they will be stressed right now
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    I did my 18" orange tree

    my cocktail tomatoe plant 3 years old and my chilli plant 18"

    and 3 years old last winter, but used an old 4x2x6 closet with T8's to keep them up and running

    nothing cheers me up more than having outta season fruit and veg,

    all are day long plants but the chilli ..?

    the more light the more flower and fruit

    come mid winter if you get sunny days put them out

    but in reality the temps to swing to much in the house

    extra soil provides great insulation

    an old turkey roaster, temp gauge inserted will remind you to keep warm

    good luck

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    ok ill give it a blast with some rhizo..
    im not looking to have them flowering through the winter just want them to hibernate untill the cold snap is gone and i can get them back out in the garden.
    ive set up the 2 t5s literally sat on the pots at the minute untill i can get some timber to make a box to hide the light and keep the heat in..

    ive got them on an 8.on / 16.off cycle as i read between 8 to 10 hours of light for overwintering on a chilli blog

    i have insulated radiator backing to line the box when i make it

    thanks for info
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    I kept a couple pepper plants alive over the winter under a single CFL one year then set them out in the spring and had a nice early harvest off of them, they really produce the second year with the established root system. I brought 4 in this year and just threw them in the corner of the basement where I throw my aloe plants for the winter, no light except what little comes through the windows, my aloes survive there for the winter.
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