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    Kkesu Active Member

    Any of you have experience with growing other nontraditional indoor plants with your grow space? I'm only allowed a 4 plant limit by the state and not intending on slinging anything just for my own head stash of Cannabis. so I have this extra space as I was want to have a multi light setup to get a continual harvest of cannabis and since other herbs and such don't require 18 hours of light I could use the extra space to grow things like Rosemary and lavender and such that are too big for windowsill growing(not to mention in the PNW we don't get crap for light during winter and during the summer for the last few years have been scorching) but too weak to grow outdoors(also i have no lawn or backyard)

    Does anyone know of any good resources or tips for growing larger plants indoor?

    As for the lights I'm using CLU048-1212 chips right now I have a single COB using an old LED panel driver(crappy second light I tried) and 4 of the same type of chip in a tent, have a second tent, 3 more cobs and another driver so I'll also have something for this new wider but shorter tent.

    MonkeyGrinder Well-Known Member

    Aloe stays small and has some decent uses. Easy to clone too. It's practically plug and play. Takes forever and a day to grow though. I kept a street vendor cactus in the grow room for a long time as well. Cactus Jack is still alive and kicking it.

    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    Hibiscus requires lots of light but seems to be a magnet for pests, same for peppers to a lesser extent, rosemary wormwood, mugwort, valarian have worked well for me and have some interisting uses (I have not yet tried :shock:) but ultimately I keep the flower area segregated from everyting. TBH the non cannibis garden hobby has expanded way more than the cannibis side.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    If you can grow a plant outdoors you can grow it indoors depending on your expectations and ability.
    Water melons for example demand so much light its hardly worth the effort of indoor cultivation.
    all herbs, flowers, autoflowering cannabis, grow well indoors.

    large plants indoors
    begin with a dehumidifier, an ac unit, air exchange/c02 augmentation, high ceilings, big containers and a really long vegetative cycle.
    IPM, 1000 watt mh/hps, odor control/air scrubbers too.

    I you want the most out of your lights surround them with plants
    If you want the most out of your plants surround them with lights

    then build a similar smaller space for drying pounds at a time. I use a 2x4 grow tent in a fully equipped (office) room closet for my drying.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I grew strawberries in dwc
    Tomatoes in coco and dwc
    I had a 6 foot tall apple in there.

    Want to try bluberries next.

    Just look for stuff that has the same nutritional needs as mj.

    I hate seeing the wasted light energy above the canopy of my plants ive long since had the idea of stringing a line of fence post nft at hand reaching hieght around my room so i could have strawberrys all the time lol but alas i havrnt done it yet
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    Kkesu Active Member

    I'm right there with you, I'm actually getting a second tent just for the herbs and have new pieces coming in so I can put together some more COBs at high energy efficiency. although I have been thinking about having it also have a portion of it to hold some veg clones.

    Right now I have planted seeds for Rosemary, Lavender, Basil and started ANOTHER cup of sage.
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    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    it's almost that time of year for me to get my herbs a veggies ready..
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    WxMan Active Member

    I have to bring all my tropicals, cacti and herbs in for the winter. I bought a couple of the cheap Galaxy Hydro LED fixtures to help keep them happy for the winter. I started some cilantro and basil from seed in pots inside my veg room. I'm told they are both good for keeping pests away.

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    Kkesu Active Member

    once I have all the heat sinks I'll be able to have a single COB set up for my roommates plants(she uses the balcony for her plants but we still don't get a lot of sun) so she can do that but just over all our aloe plants and such. I also started some basil that I'll be putting into the tent after it grows a bit. kinda giving up some space in my herb tent for clones atm.

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