Other states that honor CTs MMP card


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I know the qustion to where to get meds from has been asked differnt ways so here is my take:
wht states can i drive to that honor our MMP card that have dispensories.
What is the closest state that allows patints to grow there own


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Portland, Maine + Colorado + Washington State = Weed is legal.

Rhode Island = You can smoke on private property and hold 2.5 zips. No use of dispensaries. No Caregiving.

I think that's it for CT residents mate.
I heard on the news NJ allows for "reciprocity" regarding mmj. This means that any patients visiting from out of state can buy
from any dispensary in NJ. This is not the same with NJ patients and other states, like CT (which does not have dispensaries, yet) or Maine
(which will turn down anyone without a Maine state license... even a passport will not work). In short, each states laws vary.

What I would suggest is Googling dispensaries in a given mmj state, call, and ask them :) . They usually will be happy to give you an answer.


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Keep in mind, that if you need to go to Maine, you would be carrying illegally through MA as they have no reciprocity. In New England, I believe only RI, NH, and ME have reciprocity. That means you can possess up to the state's limit. You still cannot use their dispensaries.