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    image.jpg Hi ladies An gents I have been smoking for at least 30 years, the first ten on and of casual/ pleasure I then damaged my back put on all sorts of pills which made me very sick (I went to 5 stone in weight ) I started smoking long term for the pain as doctors/hospital just give me meds An made me sick but told me to keep taking them which I feel was damaging my health more so I decided to cut them right back An started feeling better in my self! but pain was chronic !! So I started growing and medicating myself. The pain eased and my life was bearable that I could go back to work but was diagnosed with osteoporosis, then copd ! But I smoked in moderation which helped big time physically and mentally. In 2005 I had op and plastic mesh fitted for prolapse ( it had just come out all over the world how it is affecting men and women) see iplayer panorama last Monday will help you understand if you haven't heard of it , the mesh cut through my vaginal wall An have pains all over lower region! Currently back An fourth to hospital as most doctors tried to hide it was mesh causing pain ! Like I say I smoked and I knew my limits of how much I can have to ease my pains ! As I work so had to be sensible and also responsible for me and others around me ! Now my work has asked me to go for a pts which involves a drug test which I don't mind at all and the first couple of day I was irrtatable but after seem to be ok no withdrawal like I expected but man my pains have tripled from the first week of not smoking so I go to work and really struggle cause in so much pain ! I don't want to start taking the killer meds doctors prescribe as I won't be able to work or function at all !! I was told a while ago I am close to being dieabetic type 1 before I stopped cannabis and now I stopped I am getting dry mouth like I have to drink tea with lots of sugar to quench my thirst feel weak An sometimes feel like passing out I have sugary drinks An lay down till it's gone I know it's cause I stopped cannabis An I know it was helping all of what I am experiencing now ! I have been off it for nearly a month don't crave for a joint either but need to ease the pain ! I am awaiting dates to go for pts could be next week could be in six weeks ! Do any of you know what other alternative I could take that won't show An has the same affect or similar to cannabis or will I just have to suffer An bite the bullet till test is done, like I say legal meds nearly killed me An want to stay away from them if I can ! I had to put a patch on as I finding that the pain is getting in way of my work , I have a stack of meds An have a choice if I want them or not but it's that being really ill that I don't want again, I know a lot of people are going through similar pain to mine ! So I hope to gain some good advice till I can have a smoke again cause I know it will stable what I am going through. Thank you for taking time out to read this I appreciate it x
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    I've found Lion's Mane mushrooms (Hericeum Erinaceum sp.) to be helpful with the nerve damage in my right arm/shoulder (brachial radiculitis)

    Just thought I'd share that, hope you get better!
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    Thank you I will look An try it out hope to be getting in touch with mesh specialist after Christmas as now it is in the open doctors are awear that we all know the dangers of this dreadful mesh they put in men and women
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    That looks really interesting... might have to give it a try!

    Ask whoever is prescribing you all that to prescribe you a legal form of cannabis. Ie: in the form of a script to use cannabis in flower form, OR a script for a CBD specific prescription medicine. This may help?
    Ps. Hang in there, things always get harder before they get better!
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    Sorry to hear about your condition!
    I have heard kratom works well, but have never used it.
    Wishing you all the best!

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