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    Sup guys. Well here's another one. 62 days since 12-12, 44 days since female.
    How much longer you think? All trichomes cloudy. Just switched to 10-14 3days ago. Also can you guys tell what type of strain it might be? Indica,sativa,hybrid?? Thanks!:roll:

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    Dave Baker

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    Nice girls man! I'd say you're about halfway, considering the sativa genetics there. That's all good, I've had some go up to 120 days at most. Just stay patient and let em fill up. You'll know when to harvest, believe me, the brown hairs curled, full and denser nugs, and best of all the fat trichomes looking like psilocybins haha. Keep it up, they're looking great!
    *Edit* Cfls may take longer, and that with sativa may take an extra two weeks. All good

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