Open Show n' Tell 2016

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    TWS Well-Known Member

    :leaf: Ladies and Gents, it's that time of year again .:leaf:

    :leaf: Come one and come all, let's all get to the big chop in the fall . May your pastures be green and full of dank and your journey's be safe and prosperous .:leaf:

    :leaf: Happy Growing from the RIU outdoor crew.:leaf:


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    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    Cherry popped! I hope this season brings you all fat nugs and sore fingers!
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    420tycoon Well-Known Member

    3rd, and in for the season, lets see some amazing buds/ medications!
    Garden Boss

    Garden Boss Well-Known Member

    Wishing everyone a safe year, and totes upon totes stuffed full of dank weed.:leaf:
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    treemansbuds Well-Known Member

    Here's to best wishes for all to a great 2016 season! I have a few things in the works now....
    I have 10 Cherry pie clones (about 18" tall), 1 Northern lights clone, and 3 GG#4 clones all from @Garden Boss going in the grow shed. I also popped a few strains of seeds this week that have been acquired from past BBQ's. Those are...
    1) Orange Rhino from Wheezer (1st BBQ)
    2) Orange OG X Orange Trainwreck from Wheezer (1st BBQ)
    3) Cherry pie X Blueberry from @papapayne (December 2015 BBQ)
    4) Jilly Bean hyroot x Jilly Bean hyroot from @Mohican (December 2014 BBQ)
    5) MOGOS OG (Jesus OG/Scotts OG) x LoveChild, JBHR from Mohican (Dec 2014 BBQ)
    6) Quantum Kush3 x LoveChild, MK Ultra, JBHR from Mohican (December 2014 BBQ)
    7) Candyland A single bag seed from another grower from the Santa Cruz area. He was busting up a bud for a joint when a seed popped out. Amazing looking bud
    #8 Cinderella 99 X Sour Diesel From the cat that came with @curious2garden (2014 BBQ) I think that's where they came from. With all the THC ingested at these BBQ's, who knows where they came from. Hoping @curious2garden can confirm that.
    I have everything on a 24/0 schedule until the last week of February, then cuttings will be taken from each plant to clone. The mother plants will be put into the greenhouse for a spring harvest, and clones will be turned down to a 18/6 schedule, preparing them for the fall. This way I'll be able to see and sample what strains I like, then decide what I want to run for the large fall outdoor run.
    Good luck to all!
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    TWS Well-Known Member

    My in ground pots and kiddie pool have been amended with chicken manure compost, earth worm castings , dried leafs and mulch .
    They're on the stove cooking per say.


    757growin Well-Known Member

    20160102_120646.jpg clearing a pad for a 30x40 greenhouse. Hope to start it next weekend. Also will be using the bob cat mixing and making my soil for the year and moving brush. Hah. Busy weekend.

    nuggs Well-Known Member

    Looking like a great year ! Good luck to all RIU members, my we all have a Awesome year !
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    TWS Well-Known Member

    Do you drive the bobcat yourself ?

    757growin Well-Known Member

    Hells yeah man! I am a 1 man crew. Lols. It's not a bobcat but similar, hand controls instead of foot.

    TWS Well-Known Member

    How did you learn?

    757growin Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid my best buds dad was a regional manager at a tool rental place. I learned how to ride a wheelie in one by 10 years old. Lol

    northeastmarco Well-Known Member

    Eager for this season ,have to wait still about 6 weeks at far my list is-
    Gtm special-did awesome last season,yield and potency
    501 og x 501 og x sealevel-another good yielder and potency
    Buddha Tahoe og x Buddha Tahoe og x sea level -( ocean og )
    Chernobyl - to be crossed with gtm special
    Ghost train haze-to be crossed with gtm special

    A couple that the seeds are finishing now
    Gg4 x stumble weed
    Cherry pie x stumble weed
    And of coarse have another list that I don't know which ones I will have room for
    Sea dragon,blue dream x night terror og,poison warp,poison warp x c 99,seawarp and a few more,lol
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Page one, MUTHAFUCKAS!

    Smidge34 Well-Known Member

    Lol, me too. Gonna do the largest guerilla grow I've ever done this coming season.

    jacrispy Well-Known Member

    20151230_211443.jpg my gsc mom
    My first grow was awesome
    Come on may come on may

    nuggs Well-Known Member

    as a retired operator that looks like fun! greesy side
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    ruby fruit

    ruby fruit Well-Known Member

    Best of luck peoples....

    Am i still on page one MOTHUFUCKAS ?
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    757growin Well-Known Member

    About 2.5 yards of Llama poo and 2.5 yards of reused soil and some ewc and ammendments. This will be for the spring run 2016!
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member


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