Oh dear !! H20 Just Killed My Girl :(

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    PAN1C New Member

    I was having some problems with another plant which started to get root rot due to the solution temp being around 24c and air temp around 29c .. however they are back at what it should be and it's been fine for the past 3 days now.

    I did a new water change and before I put the plant back in (OxyPot) I sprayed the roots with Oxypluss. I didn't go mad when spraying the roots it was just a few light sprays directly on the roots. Well I can say that the roots are like crystal white lol.

    I think that dropped my plant??

    I have an auto gorilla glue under LEDs. 3 weeks old tomorrow.

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    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    Yikes. Looks very unhappy. Most likely not coming back from that. You definitely in the future don't wanna fuck with roots. Period.
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    joe9000 Well-Known Member

    id leave it growing,doesnt look dead but shocked probably.
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    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    It's a weed they are hard to kill and I personally would wait it out

    budman111 Well-Known Member

    That will bounce back in days.
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    TIMtoKILL Active Member

    Autos are very finicky. She may bounce back she may not. Reasons why I don’t really go with autoflower strains.

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