** Odour questions **


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Post all odour questions here.

For more information on Odour control in the grow room see the link below.


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Arrid here's a question for ya. I have a cool tube with just exaust coming out of a 3'x2' cabby going to my attic, and then I have fresh cool air coming from my attic feeding the bottom of the cabby.

Have any idea on how to stop smell? Then there is the hot air problem that will be coming from the attic this summer, but that is another thread.


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i have a small 2"x3"x3" box with 8 fems jammed inside with 6 cfls. what is the easiest and cheapest way for my odor control, i like the diy carbon filter, but how can i attach my 4' round high vel fan to make it like a scrubber? anyone


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I cant fit my carbon filter in my 2x2 so I exhaust into it backwards...it works so far any issue with this..?


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I have never used a scrubber before because I love the smell of cannabis when it mixes with the smell of freedom...BUT my current garden is stinkin the whole house up and the humans that cohabitate with me are whiny lil punks so I am going to build a scrubber using a bath exhaust fan.

Question: What is a frequency for exhausting that should be suitable other than always on?
I run LED and ebb and flow - my electricity consumption is negligible and I do not want that to change so I do not want to run the fan constantly.


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the size of the scrubber and fan depends on the size of your room. I flower in a 5x10x6.8 room, I have a monster/huge ass scrubber matted to an 8" 750cfm fan, which draws 1.5 amps iirc (less than a set oft t8 fluorescent iirc). I have absolutely NO smell in my grow area or the rest of my building I rent.