Nutrients that can be used with h202 & grow setup questions

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    As the title goes , I'm looking for SAFE! Hydro Nutrients I can use alongside h202 products and grow setup questions?

    I've purchased a bottle of liquid oxygen 11.9% for sterile applications before I move the plants into there New homes and basically was looking for some experiances from GROWERS about which hydro nutes are good to use with h202 products and which ones are not so good to use ?

    I know almost all the hydro companies say there HYDRO products are ok to use with hydrogen peroxide but ' they also say there products are the best & better than all the rest bla! Bla! Bla! So, my question is this

    I'm planning on running, 2x OG's from seed to flower in my NUTRICULTURE OXYPOY XL 70litre modified with a drip system for rootingnout young plants. Holds 2 plants maybe 3? But ' I'm running only 2 plants this time round to see how well the unit holds up?

    The SETUP

    2x4x6ft marshydro tent
    70L 2 plant Dwc rez (oxypot xL)
    Hailea v20 airpump & 2x 4" ceramic airstones....
    Hailea v10 airpump & 2x 2" airstones.... (total 02 30litres per min)
    4mm airlines (black)
    Maxijet micro 320lph pump (for drippers)
    2x stake dripper 8lph adjustable
    Hailea hc150a WATER chiller (13mm fittings)
    Sicco 800lph water pump (adjustable/imersible/submersible)
    Inkbird thermostat controller (for chiller&nutrients heater)
    Hailea 50w nutrients heater
    Bluelab ph & ec pens
    Veriac fan speed controller (str 5speed)

    4" Canfan extractor 250m3/h
    5" rynho pro filter (370m3/h
    5" insulated ducting
    5" cooltube
    Sunmaster 600w ballast (adjustable settings set to 250w)
    250w mh-veg 250w hps-flower
    2x mars300 ( 2x140w side lighting) total watts including hps 530w
    Passive intake! but do have small 4" fans if needed

    12" oscillating ram fan (wall mountable)
    5L humidifier
    10L dehumidifier
    Inkbird humidity controller
    3x digital 24h timers
    1x digital repto timer (hour/min/sec) for drippers

    Reverse osmosis unit 50gal
    Tap water background 200ppm down to 000ppm

    Nutrients & additives

    H202 11.9%
    Silver bullet roots
    Grotek pro silicate 0-0-4
    Canna start 1-1-2
    Density cal&mag with amino & sweetners(no added nitrogen) ca 70g/L mg 120 g/L
    Dutch master (gold range) grow one 3-0.7-2
    Sensei bloom a&b 5-4-8
    Monster bloom 0-50-30
    Blueberry flush

    The strain

    Barney's Farm Blueberry OG
    Indica/satire... 70%indica 30%sativa
    Flower time... 8/9wks (really 10/11wks)
    Affects... strong indices stone
    Thc... ???
    Yields... 700/800gr/m2
    Taste... citrus/pine/musk
    Stable genetics... yes
    Resistance... mold/mildew/ mites/botrytis
    Climate... cold/hot & temperate blueberry og.png

    Grow method/training

    This strain isn't known for stretching more than double during the transition so I'm not buried about over growing them in veg but I will be monitoring the growth patterns very closely.

    I'm planning on topping both plants early and bushing them out a much as possible in the 8wks before the flip
    Flower, these blueberry og's from what I've read from others is a fickle plant that can sometimes "crave a lot of magnesium?
    No Scrog nets this time around just' good old fashion tie down technique and keeping all the branches as level as possible.

    Target temps & humidity

    Seedling to vegetative...82f - 65%
    Transition... 78f - 50%
    Flower..75f - 35/40%

    Water temps..18c / 20c

    I have given this grow Alot of thought and money so I hope my efforts will pay off and I can have a great experience with a new style of growing.
    Please feel free to comment on what I have posted if you have some input of any kind it will be well received, good or bad lol


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