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    A quart is like $12-14 give or take on Amazon of each. But yes, lasted me an entire grow with 4 plants. I'm running DTW feeding 6x a day now, so I'm using more. Like I said, you just use CNS17 Grow, and use Silica Blast to bring it up to 5.8 pH. Only takes 2-3 mL per gallon to do so.

    And like I said, don't bother with the CNS17 Bloom, Just slowly introduce Ripe when you're transitioning
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    Ok last question
    I just read a feeding schedule that was totally different than the one i read a hour ago. Then i found like 6 more. Then i read a couple threads saying dont use the schedule on the back of the bottle or ill burn the shit out of my plants.
    Any advice or whats ur schedule like?
    I feel like i should start with half the dosage on the bottle and work my way up from there letting the plant tell me what it needs....but what do i know?

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    Mega crop get you a small bag for free just pay shipping. 3 bucks. One part mix and my plants in coco are loving it. I had got the sample bag and almost out just placed a order for the 21 pound bag for 52 bucks and that will last a long ass time for my 24 plants. It's a powder weight it on your scale dump in water shake jug up and your done

    MickFoster Well-Known Member

    GH MaxiBloom from start to finish. No Grow and no additives but Silica Blast.

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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    That works

    gsp#1 Well-Known Member

    i like canna coco a&b for flower and hesi tnt for veg. the hesi tnt veg is awesome stuff.

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    I use 3ml to a gallon everytime i water

    LEDandCoffee Well-Known Member

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    Coco holds on to a large amount of calcium and does not release it to the plant, so a larger dose ensures they get enough. At least thats what was explained to me when i haf cal/mag deficiancy my first coco grow

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    I'm also just started the whole canna coco line. But am having cal/mag issues as of late which is really worrying. Any idea what I should do? Running ph'ed water at 6.3 and total ppm of 220

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    I’m running canna coco in my current grow, but I’m not very happy with it. My plants were starting to look like yours. I’ve had to add so much calmag this run to keep everything ok. I’m using tupur which I believe is not buffered, where as the canna coco brand coco is buffered. So my coco is just eating up calmag.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    So at least two people in this thread using fancy coco specific nutes from a fancy brand and are having issues.

    I run cheap nutes in 100% coco, never have any issues other than PH which is my fault, and I don't ever use a drop of calmag. In fact I have never used calmag in coco and have only bought one bottle years ago when I bought into all the marketing hype from the nutrient companies. Now I use the same nutrients that farmers use to feed the planet. They are inexpensive, they work, and I have no problems with deficiencies ever.

    Those plants are hungry. Feed them more. PH to 6.0. 6.3 is too high for coco.

    These grows cost me at most $10 in nutes. Not a drop of calmag, no flushing, no chasing deficiencies, just feed and let grow. It's a weed. It doesn't need an overpriced nutrient and a dozen additives to thrive. It's amazing how many people feel the need to give these nutrient companies tons of money for watered down chemical salts that end up giving them crappy results. I personally don't like paying for marketing, fancy labels, and a slick looking bottle. My nutes come in a bag inside a cardboard box. Not fancy but they work. Some of these nutrient companies remind me of car dealerships with slick salesman telling their potential customers what they think they want to hear and making all kinds of false claims just to make a sell that ends up being a lemon to the customer.

    !00% coco and VitaGrow. The only thing used besides the base nutes were fulvic acid and some magnesium sulphate/epsom salts in the middle of flower for the sulphur.


    1.5 gallon pot. 100% coco and only VitaGrow


    3 gallon fabric pots, 100% coco, nothing but Vitagrow nutrients.

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    Me too.
    I use growlush flower a+b, from seedling, all the way through flower.
    As long as its buffered properly, you dont need anything else. IMHO
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    RoDDin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input xtsho. This is actually the first time this has happened. Prev canna grows yielded pretty impressive buds.
    On the topic of vita grow, unfortunately I could not get any sellers to send internationally and canna seems to be the only one I could get for without any issues.
    I'll take your advice and feed the plants more and hopefully it'll turn out better. Will post the results in a week or so.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I guess I went on a tirade against the overpriced nutrient companies. I'll plead guilty as charged.

    As far as VitaGrow not being available. If you can get calcium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, and a micro nutrient blend you'll have the same thing. VitaGrow is just those chemical salts repackaged with instructions for dose and usage. Same things farmers across the world use. Jacks Classic is another good fertilizer that gives excellent results. There are people that swear by it.

    Don't go overboard with feeding those plants. Start at about 1/3rd strength and go up from there as the plants get bigger.

    Good luck
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    RoDDin Well-Known Member

    haha. its ok man. everyone is entitled to their own opinion which most of the time is based on their own experience. i upped the feed and the plants seems to respond better. so far so good. :D

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