Nutrient Split Cycling

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    Creating nutrient profiles has intrinsic limitations and fall backs. Nutrient ratios need to be balanced. This enables a plant to absorb and incorporate elemental necessities. Because the ratios need to be balanced, increased concentrations of salts are required to meet plant nutrition requirements. Limitations occur when osmotic pressure changes as salinity increases, and nutrient burn can occur. Nutrient Split Cycling might be a viable method to increase nutrient availability, allow for specific nutrient increases, and mitigate nutrient burn.

    Nutrient Split Cycling is a novel technique that I am engineering. Conceptually it groups synergistic nutrients together to increase their efficacy. Two nutrient solutions encompass the macro and micro-nutrients. These solutions are crafted to match elements, which together aid absorption and assimilation into the plant vascular system and cell structures. The alternating application of these solutions should elicit increased growth and forego nutrient lockout.

    Using an Aeroponics system, nutrients are applied in an alternating cycle. Nutrient solution “A” is housed in one tank, “B” in another. These tanks are components of individual “systems” that supply the nutrients to the root mass. The DTW systems are independent in their delivery, assuring precipitation complications do not arise.

    Using Mulder’s antagonist / synergist chart as a starting point, salts are selected to maximize compatibility and minimize deleterious interactions. With regard to cation-cation and anion-anion absorption inhibition, salts will be selected to create the two solutions. This should afford near optimal absorption and allow for the application of specific nutrient needs in regards to a plant’s growth stage.

    This is a work in progress. Advice, suggestions, and inquiries are appreciated. Feel free to contribute to this thread, but please be positive.


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