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    Joint Monster

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    I was hoping some of you seasoned hydro grows could give me some advice here.. I'm coming from soil and am a huge fan of the lucas formula (G.H.). GREAT result in soil. Simple and cheap. I also tried Rapid Start and really liked it.

    So I am leaning towards sticking to General Hydroponics. I was thinking to do the majority of their line this time... [Flora Micro+Grow+Bloom] + [CaliMagic, Armour Is, Diamond Nectar, Flora Blend, Liquid KoolBloom, Dry KoolBloom, Flora Kleen, Rapid Start].
    >But now that I'm typing that..... thats a #[email protected]#[email protected]# load of bottles lol. (Not really that much of a deal breaker though.)
    >I know Flora Kleen is debated as necessary or not, but I figured I'd get a small bottle and use it once mid-way through and then maybe once before going to plain R.O. at the end.

    If I do go GH, would anyone recommend NOT using any certain nutes? As in you found they were either not useful, or had unpleasant drawbacks like harsh smoke or aftertaste or something along those lines?

    If I do not go GH (Which I am very much leaning towards) then I would consider the entire REMO Nutes line. It's fair priced, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, fairly simple line.. [Micro Grow Bloom] + [Velo Kelp, MagNiCal, Natures Candy, Astro Flower] I was reading on it, but there are only so many reviews I could find.

    >I also considered Hydrogaurd .. but I'm wondering if this is similar to the Armour Si from GH?
    >I also considered Superthrive .. but I'm wondering if this is similar to Rapid Start from GH?

    I was looking into adding a little hydrogen peroxide to the water to help keep it clean, but I'm a little confused with the whole Sterile vs Bennies deal. I understand the basics. So then would I not want to use h.g. if I am running any type of nutes that may have bennies?
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    don't fix what ain't broke. lucas works just as well in hydro.

    check out southern ag garden friendly fungicide. same as hydroguard but way cheaper/concentrated
    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    You're right rkymtn, but despite it being great, if it can be Even BETTER.... why not?! :bigjoint:
    ...I had no idea how good rapid start was until I tried it. I had no Idea how much harder the Nova series was until I tried it (it was thick and hard to deal with).

    I was reading up on these notes but I figure if some of you guys have experience you could ad. Like FloraBlend seems to be really worth it for it's benefits. I've seen a lot of grow logs where people are using the Armour Si (Silica supplement).

    A friend told me koolbloom powder was really great at the end, but it gives a bit of a I'm really debating that. I'd rather have nice smooth clean tasting bud, over quantity or smell.

    ^However, I do not want to deal with organics at this time. (you've heard me say that already haven't you LOL...seriously though....).... I don't want to add a bunch of work and if there is a whole lot of clogging or build up or root problems due to going organic, that's not something I really want to deal with on a first hydro run. (Unless someone really knows organics and can convince me otherwise :neutral:)

    GH also has something called DefGuard which is an Hydroguard equivalent, I just found.

    They do not carry South Ag around here. At least I have not seen it.

    gonnagro Well-Known Member

    Thanks, wasn't aware that product was out there. Had pretty serious root rot attack on my last grow. Hydroguard didn't save me.

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    You can do Lucas just the same with AN 3-part like I'm doing. With the money you save not having to buy a pH pen you can get a little jar of Big Bud powder and a small Rhino Skin. That's all I've used for 16 years along with a dash of any brand CalMag and only started using that about 6 years ago. Don't see no difference.

    Always use RO or distilled water to keep the sailing as smooth as possible.

    Swear to Jah.

    Good luck!

    davillains Well-Known Member

    I'm super happy with Dyna-gro Foliage Pro + some silicon (Im using essentials hydroponics Silicon+ but I suppose any similar product will do).

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