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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    A fellow grower mentioned this bank to me and I pulled the trigger on some beans.
    So far , it went well , I received my beans in 3 days ! Priority shipped.

    Pricing is more than fair on strains - plus they gave me equivalent amount ( quantity ) in freebies.
    I purchased Alaskan ThunderFuck and paid less than $30 for ENTIRE cost ( shipping and all ).
    They seem to be a much more reliable source than some of the scammy places are running into.
    They answer questions and emails. They provide tracking.

    They take CC payments like a few others I use , zero issues - discrete .

    Freebies are labeled ( unknown ) , I'm ok with that .... I like surprises ... I'm a simple man .. Lol


    Thanks @Rolla J -
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Good call. I was guna say Thursday . I'm glad they came in. The container looks dope. And naww.. Thank you! Wasn't for 1 sec skeptical, but it's nice knowning someone I know on here pulled the trigger. I like their strains, prices and packaging. Dope they have good customer service.. Will be my next purchase this weekend. What else caught your eye on there?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Actually looking on site now ( and watching Steve Wilkos LOL ) ...
    I even bookmarked it to my iPad desktop screen.
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    LMAO Steve tho. :lol: yeah I'm stuck watching the voice with the lady lol. I'm thinking of sum og kush probably this round. I only run 2 strains. Afghani #1x afghani #1 fem seeds I made, still testing out ran 6 all female, and I'm running another 7. Hopefully female. And then blueberry twist fem seeds. I have 2 original afghani # 1 reg seeds left, hope one is a male so I can cross that with the blueberry twist.

    Diesel0889 Active Member

    I was just going to start a thread on these guys as I feel they are legit. I have not opened it yet but got my package in 3 days and will update tomorrow about how the gear looks. I grabbed chem dawg, grape ape, white widow, Willy wonder and gorilla glue. I hope for the best... has anyone grown there gear? I have seen a few but looking for more input about results and such...anything is appreciated!!! Happy growing!!!

    Diesel0889 Active Member

    My order was all good. One seed looks cracked but I'm not sure it is. I did get everything I ordered. All seeds look mature and viable and I wont be germinating them for a while but dont think I will have any problems when I do. Hoping someone has news on the genetics and how they turned out when harvested. Any insight about the genetics there is appreciated. I think they are legit and I like to support small usa based banks and it seems to be getting easy to do that with more legit ones popping up stateside. Happy growing:bigjoint:
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    Diesel0889 Active Member

    I did confirm one of my gorilla glue #4 was cracked. It is cracked where it would open when germinating. Anyone think this seed will pop in a few months when I get It going? Im sure it was overlooked or happened during shipping as the rest look fine. I just hope it sprouts ok. Anyone have success with cracked seeds? Other than the crack it seems ok. We will see...

    Komodoghost Member

    They ship to the frosty high North? Thinking about checking them out
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Been gifted some seeds from a friend. There r from Nukeheads
    I have 1 Durban Poison, 1 Alaskan TF, and 2 of the autos. Easy Money Garcia, and purple Devils.
    Will run next round for veg

    ReAlNy27 Well-Known Member

    Nukeheads is a solid reliable USA ran company.... It's owner Cody is a regular dude who loves the plant and hates the big company big brand bs or so I understand it that way..... I'm germing a gsc seed I got from them right now....... Wait till their one part hydro nutrient is for sale again..... This company is awesome and the owner talks to me like we are ok friends on FB......try then out he just crossed a nukehead with grand daddy purple..... Reg beans of that only but two for 30 is steep but for what it is I bought 4... The customer service is fast af too

    It's too good sorry not trying to be pushy ....
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