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    JacksonJ Active Member

    I have a strange one here. I’m on day 60 & these buds hardly even flowered. What could’ve happened? Heres what i got.

    Jack Herer
    3 gallon smart pot
    RO water
    Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur along with other AN stuff.
    Started in 100% coco, then mixed into Coco Loco.

    The smart pot feels solid like a brick. I’m wondering if it was ever smart or if it became root bound. I also had a hard time maintaining a PH in the mid 5’s. Always seemed to jump up to mid 6’s.
    Has anyone used the connoisseur before in coco?
    I highly doubt that they’ll get any bigger so should I just use this plant for tincture or edibles? Thanks. C7ADFA81-E9E7-4288-879F-65AE094B6546.jpeg 4DDDE21D-CDBA-4F99-A5DF-0EBF4BCDD224.jpeg

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Genetics maybe?
    I had a plant from the same seeds, this grow, which was being way out performed, by its two sisters.

    Question though.....
    Do you buffer your coir? Do you buffer with lime?
    If so. Maybe you over limed?
    It's your detail in the description, which makes me wonder. Fabric pots don't drain solids very well.
    The way your ph keeps jumping, straight back up to the 6's. Suggests something is buffering your coir.
    It could be lime. It could be sodium. It could be other cations from the coir.
    The very hard fabric pot suggests something like this too. Solids have to dissolve to pass through fabric pots.
    Does the pot go soft/soggy after a big feed?

    Otherwise, it may just be root bound as you say.

    I still wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it, has to do with the genes.

    I reckon if it still hasn't produced by harvest, just use it for edibles/concentrates. As you say.

    Good luck op.
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    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    They look very healthy and they are trying to bud. It must be genetics. It looks nothing like the Jack Herer I used to have. That Jack made donkey dicks. Maybe a seed mix up somewhere.
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    Wilksey Well-Known Member

    If it's not the genetics, then I'd argue it's your light source or temps. Shitty LED's, CFL's, and T5's will all produce stunted plants and flowers if they don't have the power to drive growth, and cool or high temps can reduce growth as well.

    The plant looks healthy and green, which means it was getting the nutes it needed to grow, and the plant hasn't needed to move nutrients from fan leaves to buds to fuel flower production. This tells me it isn't a nute issue.

    I'd ride it out until you see amber trics start to show up. You never know, maybe it's just a pheno that needs 10 + weeks to fill out right.

    JacksonJ Active Member

    Thanks for the thorough response. The only thing i did to the coco was rinse it out good. I’m thinking genetics as well as the pot. It stays rock solid no matter dry or soaking wet. And that particular brand of pot is the only one im using. The others are just fine while in a different brand of smart pot.
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    JacksonJ Active Member

    I hear what you’re saying. I don’t think the lights are the main problem though. Sure , they would grow better under different lights, but I’ve used these for a couple crops now and have had great results up until now. I almost chopped it down today but decided to wait it out. . I even thought about transplanting it but at this stage that might make things worse. Plus it’s too late.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    I think you're right TBH.
    If the pot is jam packed full of roots, it wouldn't matter whether it was wet or dry. It'd still be rock hard. 3 gallon isn't all that big either.
    More than likely genetics, as you say too. The plants pretty damn healthy despite its flaw.
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    docter Well-Known Member

    What is your light schedule just curious?

    JacksonJ Active Member

    12/12 on at 6:30 am and off at 18:30

    docter Well-Known Member

    I,VE BEEN RUNNING 11/13 for a while for kicks. Do you have any light leaks?

    JacksonJ Active Member

    I'm sure I have light leaks lol. But I've always had light leaks and everything has grown just fine. I personally don't buy into that theory as much as it's being sold.
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    Xs121 Well-Known Member

    From my experience, I've noticed that there are strains(genetics) that doesn't like 12/12, they produce more leaves than flowers. Since then, I've changed my light schedule to 10/14 just to cover those type of genetics.

    docter Well-Known Member

    How is the yield?
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    docter Well-Known Member

    Fair enough.

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