Nirvana Seeds Blue Mystic DWC SCROG 1st grow journal

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Michael Pitts, May 14, 2018.

    Michael Pitts

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    Screenshot_20180514-073958.png Screenshot_20180514-074006.png Screenshot_20180514-074015.png Screenshot_20180514-074030.png I've had such a problem keeping my plants under 9-10 feet tall, I've decided to try a real SCROG grow, using 1 1/2 chicken wire. I'm also doing it DWC, in a 72 litre tub, so I can refill the reservoir everyday, without disturbing the screen. I'm using Nutri Plus Nutrients, just the straight Bloom A B at the moment. I should say I vegged her for about a month, and she was a clone off a plant 3 weeks into bloom.

    The first two weeks, I used a 600 watt MH bulb, in an attempt to keep her a bit smaller. My last grow, the top colas wrapped around my cool tube and I had to chop early. I'm going to be adding Bloom Boost at week 6-8 and Final Drive from week 7-9. I'm also using a 4 inch inline fan and filter, as well as a 42 watt air pump, to ensure adequate DO.

    I shot videos at one week intervals, but didn't realize we couldn't upload them onto here, so I took screenshots from my videos. I'll post each week separately I guess, to make it easier to identify each stage. Either way, you can tell by the pictures, the one plant virtually covers a 3×3 area

    Anyway, my goal is a pound dry off this plant. Hope I haven't droned on here, not sure how these threads actually work lol. Any feedback would be awesome though

    These first pictures are at the end of week one after flipping to 12/12
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    Michael Pitts

    Michael Pitts Well-Known Member

    Screenshot_20180514-074043.png Screenshot_20180514-074118.png Screenshot_20180514-074058.png Screenshot_20180514-074102.png Screenshot_20180514-074111.png Screenshot_20180514-074118.png After week 2. I wish I knew couldn't upload videos, I could have taken better pictures than screenshots. But hopefully these pictures give an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish here ☺
    Michael Pitts

    Michael Pitts Well-Known Member

    End of week 3. Screenshot_20180514-074130.png Screenshot_20180514-074148.png Screenshot_20180514-074153.png Screenshot_20180514-074203.png

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