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    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    No sorry. I think the super thrive is similar to GH rapid start which I do use. I add 1ml/gallon to all my feeds in veg to promote root growth. I done use molasses but I do use a sweetener in my nutrient mix.
    Michael Huntherz

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    SuperThrive makes plants grow vegetatively but I feel it is detrimental to the final result we are all shooting for. Even a little bit of it makes for more airy spindly buds, too much branching and twisted mutant limbs. At least that’s what it seemed like to me.

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    Thanks for all the input guys, hope these babies come out strong

    Valley_559 Member

    Hey man sorry for bombarding you with all these dumb newbie questions, but when can I start feeding them earth juice? Just last night I transplanted into new pots with fox farms, can I start feeding now or should I wait a week or two? Thanks
    Jypsy Dog

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    Don't be in a rush to love them too death. Feed @ 1/4 strength and see how they respond.

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    If it's a fresh bag of Fox Farms you have a few weeks before they will be needing feedings. That Fox Farm soil can be pretty hot.

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    I was always able to avoid bottle feeding until a few weeks into flower by transplanting. I would start my seedlings or clones in either FF Light Warrior mixed with perlite or Happy Frog mixed with perlite in a solo cup. Once it was time to transplant I up pot to a 1 gallon with a mix of 1/3 Happy Frog 1/3 Ocean Forest and 1/3 perlite. When it out grows that pot it would go into its final pot, usually 5 or 7 gallon depending on the situation, with a mix of 2/3 Ocean Forest and 1/3 perlite. The constant introduction of fresh soil through transplanting means I never had to feed until week 3 or 4 of flower. Good luck!

    Valley_559 Member

    Great info guys, thank you for all the response, ladies are looking great;-):lol: so I'll wait to feed then. Btw nutes are earth juice grow and bloom only.

    Valley_559 Member

    A plant or two seem to be showing signs of calcium deficiency they are in happy frog soil, I don't have calmag but do have bone mean is that good for calcium deficiency?

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