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    I'm a future grower who within a year is going to quit my job and move to where it is friendly to grow. would love to make friends in the process and also would love to get some advice as I'm new to the medical marijuana business. It feels good to know that within a year I will be helping many others with chronic pain and helping those who need it and have the almighty right to smoke and be happy. this will be a happy endeavor I'm willing and be looking forward to tackle.

    My first question would looking at moving to Colorado "not Denver" but about four hours away in a small town where I would like to grow indoors and in the summer grow outdoors as well. would love to sell to the dispensaries and any legal medical professionals who are willing to buy. am I headed to the right path? what wisdom can my fellow greenies impart to me so I can flourish?

    GeneBanker Well-Known Member

    The most reliable connections are the ones you already have. All things are possible, you will be in for your first grow where you foot all the bill with no return for months.You get to learn your equipment and your strain. You first four months are going to be buried in your grow if you want to sell to dispensaries. I doubt they even want to hear from you without stock in hand. Ive never tried to sell to them so I dont know how it works. Why not start a small grow now or very soon. Perfect your craft. More so if you want to base your future on it. You could narrow down a strain you like and learn it. Thats going to help you out the most.
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    Skiball Member

    You have to understand this is far from an original idea. The cannabis market is completely flooded right now. Moving to co with cannabis as you're only plan of income won't work. If you had connections and previous exp it'd still be tuff in today's market If you have a in demand profession (cdl nurse Etc), you could move to CO. Work your job learn to grow build your connections and maybe reach your goal.
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Hope you have some money saved up, and low expectations.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    You and thousands of others!

    You have any idea how many move to Co for reasons like that?
    Then find out they can't make a living doing it? Or even find a job in the industry it's self?

    How many people will be already growing rings around your real world abilities? Who's meds are the shops going to buy first?

    Go to college, and study something that makes money, real money! Say computer science? Hell, code writers make stupid money, and that's just to start. Ask my oldest son about that.....
    Accounting is always good money.

    Unless you have a degree in Ag sciences. The growing cannabis industry is slipping away from the little med grower. The laws are geared (or becoming geared) to cut the little med grower out of the open market.

    You'll need more then "GOOD LUCK" here!

    Look at whats going on and shake my head.....Things sure do change..... Sometimes I wish I was back on that commune almost 45 years ago.....

    Peace and luck be with you. You'll need it!
    More then you think!
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    zeddd Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are going to be living the dream, let us all know how it works out for you and good luck.
    Jypsy Dog

    Jypsy Dog Well-Known Member

    Can you even grow Tomatoes???
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    jeybud78 Member

    I do. I've grown veggies. Cucumbers. Carrots. Potatoes. Purple potatoes in Peru. But weed is a whole new realm for me.
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    jeybud78 Member

    Thank you friend. I needed to hear a honest opinion and you weren't rude about it. I've been thinking the same asyou. But actually been also thinking of just opening a shop and just providing product and like fertilizer and dirt and anything related to growing. I believe what you say. Big pharma has taken over and we'll put the little growers out of business. Thank you again for the insight. Stay high.
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    jeybud78 Member

    Thank you. thats why i joined the forum and chat. wanted to get advice well you have given me that. i will definitely have to re think my strategy. be blessed.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I don't pull any punch's on that issue.....
    Thanks for the positive reply!
    I tried not to be an ass about it.....Just make a clear point!

    Thanks again.
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Doc Nailed it

    back east its 5 years Hort experience

    plus a tiny BSC in Horticulture from a 'well known College'

    or a 2nd degree ....Bio Chemistry is hot or Bio Genetics

    for 'unskilled services' military experience again with a minimum of 5 years no crime record either

    getting tougher by the month

    good luck
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    "If" you should be planning on a college degree in the field.

    I suggest a Hort major and an Agronomy minor. Or simply get a degree in both.
    Agronomy - Soil science/crop production = HOT right now....
    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Or do what a lot of people are doing and find a way to profit off the growers and dispensaries. Picks and shovels.

    Find a way to make the harvest more efficient, or even ease the drudgery of mundane tasks. In a local area with a lot of growers, you could even sell and recycle super soil and make custom beds and watering systems. Lease equipment. Find a niche in a local area and build a service business.

    It isn't rocket science. People have been doing this for thousands of years. But there is more to the industry than growing and selling.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Colorado is a beautiful state. I don't blame you for wanting to move there. I do think that if you have expectations of becoming a commercial grower you will be disappointed.
    Good luck with you plans.

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