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    Well the plant looks gorgeous, but I see conflicting instruction on the curing process. Some sites say let it breath 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes for the first 2 weeks, then leave it sealed. Other sites say to let it breath 3-4 times a day even after 2 weeks. Which is it? Any help is appreciated, obvious newb question. Thanks in advance!

    62% RH
    Chocolate Hashberry
    Day 6 of curing

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    How are you monitoring it ?

    Jacob_ Active Member

    Not sure if this answers the “monitoring” question; but i’m monitoring the humidity and temp with a garage and thermostat, checking for mold each time I open the lids, 3x daily.

    sensi8739 Well-Known Member

    Around 62% keep it open a little longer, maybe twenty minutes at a time. Round 60% head down to a few minutes at a time, and by 59% you basicaly are just going to burp the jar down to 58% where you are good to go. How long this process takes for the moisture in the buds to sweat and evaporate will also depend on the relative humidity of your environment, but there is a general guideline, if it helps you feel better about things. Overall, don't sweat it too much, 62% is already consumable, and some folks even store their buds with boveda 62 anyways. I find 62% way too wet myself, but some swear by it.

    Jacob_ Active Member

    I thought 62 seemed a little wet! I’ll buy some 58 packs. Really appreciate it.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Boveda is storing only ... once you dial in the Rh.

    The burp method and internal hygrometer is your best method to RANGE in the Rh.
    Burp , exchange air and let sweat. Take a chopstick and mix them around , or dump out on a table to also dry better. Then jar and monitor.

    I use Boveda and Integras and only store in jar TO KEEP THAT LEVEL. You must get there without the packs first. Yes some like drier bud ( 55 or so ) , average ( minimum) should be around 62%. Bovedas STABILIZE the RH to 62 for storage , but will not dry / cure them without you doing the normal techniques.

    For drier nugs , leave packs out and dry out longer ( via laying them out or un capping jar longer ) then seal , leave in jar for a few hours to stabilize and look at meter. If you add boveda pack it will go back to 62.

    With a hygrometer inside with bud , you can tell by looking where the RH settled.

    B97F3531-A1F2-4F0E-B1D7-707189591459.jpeg A610CADE-247F-4F11-90FA-B1BE5625BAF0.jpeg
    Hot Diggity Sog

    Hot Diggity Sog Well-Known Member

    The one on the right is 67. What is the highest you'll let it be?
    Regarding the boveda packs, once you do use them for storage, how long do they generally last?

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    There is a margin of error + and - with these meters . So I may check by swapping the high one with one that averages around the majority of readings.

    That way if it still read a little high I put a sticker / tape and write for example : + 3 or - 2 or whatever.
    Those meters don’t really have any calibration so I check sometimes in a plain empty jar with a boveda 62 .... if after several hours it reads properly than I use those in my stored jars .

    Those jars were burped only and shows I was getting close on range. ( no bovedas inside ).
    To show OP that an internal hygrometer, you can carefully step down Rh by burp and mixing buds around so they continue to gas off and dry.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    You could calibrate them by putting them all in one jar...

    Jacob_ Active Member

    This certainly turned into a very informative thread. Thanks for the help y’all. Learning more every day.
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    Master_Tabi Well-Known Member

    These guys are great, truly.
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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    Drying/curing is the most over complicated process on RIU. Just leave the stuff out until it's dry. Anything you do after that doesn't matter... If you jar too early, you will ruin your crop. If you jar "too late", nothing bad will happen.
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    Jacob_ Active Member

    More ice every day...

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    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    I use those same meters, just got them, and 2 days into jar right now.

    all 3 temps are the same, 69F, then 56-57-58 RH So, because they are under the 62RH, is it necessary to still burp? I also dont like wet buds, i like them to crumble, but not like dust,lol.. but once its broken up, you can see it melting into itself, ( slow motion settle )

    Jacob_ Active Member

    It’s still amazed how much you learn on your first grow. Those boveda packs unfortunately prevented my buds from hardening up, though the buds still are potent and put my wife and to sleep pretty easily. It sucks to do everything right up until the curing process, but there’s always next year. I’ll consider it a win for this year given the quality of the bud.
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    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    I wonder how man grew weed before brovida.

    Never seen a top 2nd or even 3rd shelf product from anyone using em. Just drape some plastic over your lines after a few days, then slowly tighten it all up. If you ain't using turkey bags etc before going in permanent storage jars, youre doing it wrong. People are ruining their weed by throwing it in jars wet and prematurely "burping" them multiple times a day to compensate. Thats about as logical as deep frying a frozen turkey then refreezing it to thaw out later in the microwave for sammich time. Wasting effort to ruin the sammich, pretending to save time.

    Grow some dank and quit jerkin around. Slowly gradually restrict the airspace, not suddenly. Dont trim until it's finished, voila, no settling for "better than a total loss" a la brovida
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    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    Wet trim
    On dry racks in a temp 75*/rh 55% controlled room rotated 2x daily
    Then into Turkey bags and dumped into roasting pans for 30mins daily until RH hits 70%.
    Then into Mason jars.
    Burped daily for 30 mins until rh is stable at 60%.

    After it reaches 60%, I only open to fill my patients order.

    And PASS on the broveda packs. I have literally hundreds sitting in Mason jars doing nothing but water money.
    They ARE great for adding a bit of moisture from overly dried buds
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    KryptoBud Well-Known Member

    Turkey bags? Only a fake humanoid Purdue poultry pluckin fucktard would do that. Mmmmm polypropylene dank, whats next cranberry sauce tasting terps to go along with your fowl tasting buds?

    Jacob_ Active Member

    Meh, to each their own man. I appreciate everyone’s help and thought it was a good tip. We’re all here to help each other...
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    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    Go kick rocks and skip
    All mighty cure king
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