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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by palmettoman, Mar 5, 2018.


    palmettoman Member

    Only 8 are autos. The other 20 aren’t. Knowing it’s an auto what do you think is causing the yellowing? The medium?
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    Blitz35 Well-Known Member

    Again, im not a psychic..i can only go by info given..i only see 4 pics..i dont see 28 plants. im not sure how to help, sorry.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    In all honesy im not sure of the best way to go about getting an average reading of all those pots with soil.
    You may have to ph/ec them all individually. Which is gonna be tedius. So be ready.
    I know if I was DTW'ing 30 plants, id let them all drain to the same place. Then check the ph/ec of all their runoff mixed together,to give me an average reading of each plant.
    Im tempted to lean towards blitz, that its a lockout from hard water. Caused by calcium. Make sure your ph isnt too high.
    Its gonna take a while to fix your soil. Dont get carried away with flushing soil too much. You'll make the problem worse.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Weed plants are all the same. Some just eat more than others etc.
    The same deficiencies are gonna show, and the process is the same.
    It may be worth treating the 8 autos seperately though. Because they may lock out sooner. If you're feeding them the same as the others.

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